Energy and Sustainability

Application Guide

The Levent Group of Companies entered the energy sector with the privatization of the Turkish Cypriot Petroleum in 2011, with the aim of meeting the energy needs of Northern Cyprus and the consumers and adding value to its economy. The Levent Group of Companies, which has a large market share of the fuel sector, continues its activities by keeping the source within the country.

The Levent Group of Companies, which is a pioneer with its dedication to solving global problems, established the first and largest solar energy farm in Cyprus. It continues its works with the first private bio-gas power plant in Northern Cyprus.

Students who want to improve themselves in this sector will be able to benefit from their knowledge and experience, by coming together with an experienced team of staff across wide application areas, such as field methods and oil sources, processing, and development.

Those who want to gain experience in this sector, which is suitable for students of the Energy Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering programs, can apply.