• Before making an application for a place in the CIU Work and Skills Development Project (WSDP), please check this website for the specific requirements with relation to the position you are interested in. The requirements vary according to the position.
  • Please ensure that you fully understand the qualifications required and the conditions with regard to the placement. In the event you require further clarification, please contact the CIU International Student Center directly, or via the e-mail address ciuwsdp@ciu.edu.tr
  • In order to make an application for a placement you believe you qualify for, please follow the guide below.

Application Guide


Preparation of your CV. The Europass CV format must be used only, which is available at: https://europa.eu/europass/.


Preparation of a motivation letter explaining, "Why you should be accepted for this position?"


Send your Europass CV, motivation letter, and a copy of your most recent transcript to ciuwsdp@ciu.edu.tr. Your documents will be evaluated within 10 days, and a response sent to your e-mail.


Your application is accepted by the WSDP panel, you will receive an e-mail including an invitation for a face-to-face interview to further evaluate your suitability. Preliminary research about the company and position is strongly recommended.


The profiles of the successfull interviews will be sent to the Levent Group of Companies WSDP Coordinator, who will respond to the panel within 3 working days. Successful candidates will then be informed and provided with the date, time, and location for the start of their placement.


The first 7 days of your placement are probationary. On the condition that you receive positive evaluations from the management team, your placement will continue. The results of the evaluation will be sent to you by e-mail.


Is this an internship program?

No. This program is not an internship program. WSDP provides you with direct first-hand experience of the business environment. There are no set schedules or limits, and your work with the employer proceeds according to mutual satisfaction, and can continue after graduation, if the employer so wishes.

Is my GPA important with regards to the job application process?

Your GPA is just one of our criteria’s of evaluation. Your individual abilities,commitment to the institution, to teamwork, and your communication skills are at least as important as your GPA.

I have no work experience; can I still be accepted for the program?

WSDP is a program designed to close this gap. You are not expected to have work experience, but a willingness to learn the job is expected.

Will I be able to continue my studies and work?

Your working hours will be jointly determined by CIU and the employer, in accordance with your course schedule. When your working hours have been determined, it is imperative that you follow them. If you do not comply with the specified hours, you may not be able to continue your work.

Will I be paid for the work I do?

This program operates on a voluntary basis. This program offers you the opportunity to gain valuable experience, skills, and sector knowledge prior to graduation.

Will I pay any fees for this program?

WSDP and the employers do not charge any fees. The only requirement is to be a registered student at the Cyprus International University.

Will I receive any certification for working in this program?

Yes. You will receive a certificate and accompanying documentation as required that will detail the duration of your work experience placement,along with the work you have done, and the specific skills and knowledge that you have acquired. This will make a valuable addition to your portfolio post-graduation.