Student Clubs

Student Clubs Directive


Social Events Coordination unit enables students to use their extracurricular free time with beneficial events. In line with the wishes and needs of the students, it enables them to engage in scientific research, discussion, and both intellectually and physically improving various events that complement the academic programs in the fields of expertise, culture - art – thought, and sports clubs. Clubs strengthen the solidarity between students and other staff of the university during their education. It acts as an intermediary for the members to socialize and provide material and moral assistance to each other. All students are expected to the clubs that exist to represent the university in the best way inside and outside the university and to train its members in the field in which they function, by organizing courses, open sessions, conferences, seminars, and symposiums, conversation panels, trips, etc. 

How to be a Member to the Clubs?

There is a chance to become a member of any club any time throughout the academic year including the summer term. Social Events Coordination, Club Presidents, or Advisors can be reached throughout the year, membership is carried out by applying to as many clubs as requested. Club membership is expected to be renewed each year. Students can join their interested clubs by just clicking 'Join' button through the club module on SIS

What steps should be followed to open a new club?

First of all, you should examine the existing clubs and their fields within the Social Events Coordination unit and make sure that the club you want to establish does not fall under the field of another club.

There is no time limit for applying to open a new club. Applications can be made to the Coordination Office at any time, including the academic year and summer term, with a petition. The petition can be brought directly to the office (1st Floor, Room No: F4/Student Services Building) or an e-mail can be sent to       

An application can be made to the Social Events Coordination unit for the steps to be followed and the necessary documents to open a club.

The procedure and the necessary documents to open a new club are provided below.

  • Application petition with its date, name of the club, short name if any, address, logo if any, the reason for establishment and club regulation, 
  • The purpose and vision of why this club wanted to be established,   
  • What kind of events and collaborations it is planned to do and what its mission is stated, 
  • Working Principles of Student Clubs prepared in line with the Cyprus International University Student Clubs Directive, 
  • Statement by a full-time lecturer stating that s/he has agreed to become the club's academic advisor, 
  • Club Founding Members Lists; Name and surname; Student number; Name of Faculty / Institute / Vocational School; Department/Program name; Email; Mobile phone 
  • All members must be registered
  • Club founding members list (registration number of students who will become members of the club, name and surname, faculty/institute/school/vocational school/department/program and contact information) - At least 10 founding student members are required who are registered at the university and have not received any disciplinary action. These 10 founding members are as follows;

-1 (one) club president; 1 (one) vice president; 3 (three) Board members (one general secretary, one secretary, one treasurer); 2 (two) substitute members and 3 (three) supervisory board members

Click to see the documents for applying to open a new club. 

Clubs Union

CIU Clubs Union, working under SDCC Social Events and Student Clubs Coordination Office, is the strongest social student organization established to strengthen communication between students and student clubs, to increase socialization and activity, and to organize various activities in the fields of culture, arts, sports and social responsibility. 

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Social Events Coordination
Student Services Building
Coordinator: Nilay Sinem Uyanıker
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2059

CIU Diving Student Club

Student Clubs

CIU Student Clubs, working under SDCC Social Events and Student Clubs Coordination Office, actively continues 55 student clubs under 3 different club categories: Art, Culture and Thought Clubs, Expertise Clubs and Sports Clubs.

Art, Culture and Thought Clubs

Atatürkist Thought Club

Atatürk Thought Club was established to bring together students who have adopted Atatürk's principles and also help them better understand and promote Atatürk and his ideology. The club aims to encourage the social interaction of our members and support their participation in cultural events that are organized in line with the principles entrusted to young people by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It also aims to raise awareness among members in line with Ataturk's views on history, culture, social sciences and similar subjects.

Club President: Tayfun Örentaş
Club Vice President: Şevval Tatan
Club Advisor: Prof. Dr. Hasan Tunç –
Club E-mail:

Aid Volunteers Club

Where compassion meets action, the Volunteers Club aims to bring together determined individuals in a collective effort to improve communities in need. It strives to provide necessary assistance, promote sustainable growth, and build a better future on a global scale through effective projects and teamwork. You can become a member of this club that transforms empathy into concrete change and strives to create a brighter world together.

Club E-mail: 

Chess Club

CIU Chess Club aims to introduce, promote and popularize the sport of chess by teaching chess rules, strategies and tactics to its members at Cyprus International University (CIU). The fundamental vision of the club is to ensure this sport is identified with CIU, as chess is considered the pioneer in developing analytical thinking skills which is in line with the university’s teaching objectives.  Additionally, it aims to support mental development, increase social interaction among members and adopt fair play principles. The club also brings together chess enthusiasts and increases competition among members through activities such as organizing tournaments or participating in off-campus activities. Hence, it offers students a rich experience both mentally and socially. 

Club President: Cennet Kuş
Club Vice President: Ayşe Nil İleri
Club Advisor: Doç. Dr. Hasan Samani –
Club E-mail: 

Creative Thinking and Innovation Club

Creativity and Sectorial Innovation is a strong problem-solving process that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. With this understanding, an innovation process arises that includes concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. When creative thinking approaches are implemented in business, the success rate of innovation increases significantly. This club is for teams and individuals who want to learn proven, systematic and creative approaches to developing new products. It is based on understanding the critical design thinking skills needed to improve an existing product or design a new product. Focusing on innovation, and customer experience, students will benefit from creativity, design, customer experience, innovation, product, R&D, and strategy.

Club President: Francis Kahenga
Club Vice President: Tacklino Marari
Club Advisor: Prof. Dr. Tarık Atan – 
Club E-mail:    

Dance Club

The Dance Club is united around dance activities that aim to increase the interest of our university students in different types of dance, and in this way, to raise individuals with a more social, conscious, and artistic hobby.

Club E-mail: 

Digital Technologies Club

It is aimed that students at the university can help engineers in planning a digital transformation, determine the needs for the digital transformation of factories, and have knowledge and experience about the requirements, concepts, and infrastructure necessary for digital transformation. Applications both theoretical and practical information is provided to students.

Club President: Abdelmalek Hamada
Club Vice President: Sama Al-Fadhli
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Kian Jazayeri –
Club E-mail: 

Environment Club

It is aimed to promote and develop environmental and recycling projects that are also important for Cyprus International University. Gives information to students and creates values in order to leave a livable world for future generations. In this direction, it is engaged in a lot of activities for civil defense, environmental protection, ecological trips, and recycling of waste materials.

Club President: Bekir Gönen
Club Vice President: Mustafa Güney
Club Advisor: Prof. Dr. Rana Kıdak – 
Club E-mail:

Friends of Animals Club

It is a club established to work with awareness and dedication for other living things on Earth.  It carries out many activities to improve the living conditions of the animals on the streets. It supports living beings to live their lives in equal and good conditions. The main purpose of the club is to help living beings who need help, who are injured, who cannot meet the need for shelter, who are abandoned, and who are sick. Providing them with a new home is aimed at making the shelters habitable.  Organizes many activities to inform other people.

Club President: Reyyan Sıla Yaba
Club Vice President: İlya Tekin
Club Advisor: Sr. Instr. Fatma Menekşe – 
Club E-mail:      

Library Club

In line with the basic principles of participation, planning, continuity, productivity, volunteerism, and cooperation, the Library Club aims to develop the horizons of opinion, intuition, and invention for both its members and all students at Cyprus International University, and provide encouraging examples have the following objectives: Demonstrates the benefits of division of labor at school and in business life and helps them to develop in this field, to acquire the habit of reading books in accordance with the rules of society and school, to teach the ways to benefit from libraries and books, to enable students to do research-oriented studies, poetry, composition, etc., at the request of the club management and the advisor teacher, organize competitions.

Club President: Agberia Victory Awhotu
Club Vice President: Belin Nur Belge
Club Advisor: Ömer Güran–   
Club E-mail:

Music Club

Music Club is one of the oldest clubs in the university. It aims to bring together students who are amateur or professional in music during their education years and to continue their musical pursuits. Music Club has five music groups Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Pop and Rock, and English Rock/Blues. Music lovers joining us at the beginning of each academic year can join existing groups or form new ones. 

Club President: Joshua Kwanee
Club Vice President: Eugene Kim
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Gültekin Çizgen–    
Club E-mail:  

Philosophy Club

It is a club where many activities take place in this direction aimed at analyzing, observing, increasing the personal awareness of students at the university voluntarily, and analyzing their environment. It contributes to students; independent and critical thinking, the ability to realize and express their rights, the ability to be an entrepreneur and discover their values, to be tolerant and share.

Club President: Mohanad Awad Elseed
Club Vice President: Mohamed Khalid
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nusret Sinan Evcan –
Club E-mail:   

Sustainability Club

The primary objectives of the sustainability club are to teach and equip students with the ability to exist and develop without depleting the finite resources of this planet as well as maintain a great quality of life without compromising on the future. This Club will be able to work in collaboration with other clubs and existing initiatives within the University, share productive ideas to make the present-day livable for every student of CIU, and prepare them for the real world outside the academic environment.

Club President: Zolikha Al Alim
Club Vice President: Amblessed Onwuegbulem
Club Advisor: Sr. Instr. Shihab İbrahim -
Club E-mail:

Theatre Club

One of the oldest clubs in the university, the Theatre Club is expanding the circle in this field by regularly displaying domestic and foreign plays to help university students enjoy theater and attract interest in performing arts. Club members try to contribute to the social and cultural development of students in general.

Club President: Gökberk Mutlu
Club Vice President: Didem Çetin
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Belgin Parlakyıldız–
Club E-mail:

Turkish Club

Turkish Club's main purpose is to spread Turkish, one of the milestones of our culture, as a mother tongue and foreign language in particular to the university, including Cyprus, Turkey, and other countries. The club members evaluate cultural resources published as scientific, artistic, and comparative language research; do comparative language studies; represent CIU on language days; ensure the sensitivity of our society in Turkish, and create campaigns that encourage the use of Turkish words instead of foreign words.

Club President: Didem Çetin
Club Vice President: Ebru İdikurt
Club Advisor: Dr. Esra Karakaş Kurt –
Club E-mail: 

Sports Clubs

Beşiktaş Club

Aiming to bring together Beşiktaş fans and instill sportsmanship among the members with the activities it provides opportunities for socialization.

Club President: Sercan Şahin
Club Vice President: Server Ergüden
Club Advisor: Sr. Instr. Bekir Deveci –
Club E-mail:


Cycling Club

The purpose of the club is to raise awareness and introduce students to the sport of cycling. It tries to organize many organizations to create cycling teams for mountain and road activities, organize discoveries, and adopt bicycle life. To provide information on how to ride a bike consciously and how to ensure life safety.

Club E-mail:


Diving Club

The Diving Club aims to unite all the students interested in nature, sea, and underwater life under one umbrella; and continues its activities by organizing diving training and trips, that offer its members the opportunity to explore the underwater world.

Club President: Abdullah Mert Can
Club Vice President: Emre Emek
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sami Boşnak –
Club E-mail: 


Fenerbahçe Fans Club

Aiming to gather under one umbrella with students who are devoted to Fenerbahçe or sports life, the 1907 Unifeb Club carries out its activities to contribute to the development of individuals in terms of having fan awareness of the students at the university and to socialize through sports activities.

Club President: Melik Kızıl
Club Vice President: Eyüpcan Atasoy
Club Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cahit Nuri –
Club E-mail:

Horse Riding Club

The club aims to provide students of all levels with opportunities to learn horse riding, introduce more people to horses, instill a love of horses and equestrian sports, and enable them to communicate with horses, thereby increasing the self-confidence of individuals.

Club President: Saif Ahamad
Club Vice President: Rashed Haylooz
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Linda Fraim –
Club E-mail:

UltrAslan Club

Aiming to gather the fans at the university and all sports fans under one umbrella, Galatasaray members aim to contribute to the morality of fans in the TRNC by instilling sports awareness in students, drawing attention to social unity with social responsibility projects, and encouraging socialization through sports activities.

Club President: Kerem Çürük
Club Vice President: Durmuş Ali Uçar
Club Advisor: Dr. Nezire Özgece –
Club E-mail: 

Youth and Sports Club (CIU-YSC)

Sport is the only element that provides the physical and mental development necessary for activating the fitness of people's lives in all professional groups at any age, as well as maintaining the anatomical balance of the body. With this aim, it was established to ensure that all our citizens, from the smallest to the oldest, are interested in a sports branch, stay away from all kinds of bad habits, and develop physically and spiritually, with the morals of a sports person, first of all, to be fruitful to themselves, their families, their environment, the country, and the nation, and healthy, materially and spiritually developed. To create a society, to ensure and maintain love, respect, unity, and solidarity among members, social and cultural solidarity, and to develop and promote Turkish youth; introducing athletes to each other, providing all kinds of cooperation between them, and making our people socially developed, dynamic and healthy through sports.

Club President: Dilara Koçatlı
Club Vice President: Gülümse Bahadi

Club E-mail:     

Expertise Clubs

Agriculture Club

By emphasizing the importance of agriculture, the Agriculture Club aims to increase interest in the agricultural sector among students and help them be knowledgeable in this field. The club aims to increase the awareness of its members by organizing awareness activities on issues such as sustainable agriculture, modern agricultural techniques, agricultural innovations and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. It aims to encourage knowledge sharing and provide practical experience among members by organizing various activities such as educational events, seminars, workshops, meetings with farmers, and visits to agricultural enterprises.

Club President: Yunus Emre Yazar
Club Vice President: Dalia Ahmad Mahmoud Abdalraheem
Club Advisor: Dr. Instr. Mine Erdal –
Club E-mail:


Architecture and Interior Architecture Club

This club organizes seminars and brainstorming meetings that will increase the social and cultural activities of the students from the Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture and encourage their vision by promoting participation in competitions held internationally and locally in Cyprus. To this end, it carries out incentive activities. It tries to expand the visions of Architecture and Interior Architecture students.

Club President: Oya Sağıroğlu
Club Vice President: Mustafa Güney
Club Advisor: Sr. Inst. Nihan Yusufoğlu–    
Club E-mail: 

Biyomedikal Medikal Mühendisliği Kulübü

Biyomedikal/Tıp Mühendisliği Topluluğu Kulübü (BMESC), Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi'nde Biyomedikal/Tıp Mühendisliği araştırmalarını ve yeniliklerini teşvik ederek Biyomedikal/Tıp Mühendisliğine ilgi duyan öğrencilerin kariyerlerine yönelik tutkularını kullanabilecekleri bir platform sağlar.

Kulüp Başkanı: Naesyba Osman Mohamed Albasher
Kulüp Başkan Yardımcısı: Caroline Anthony Muhikwa
Kulüp Danışmanı: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Pwadubashiyi Coston PWAVODI-
Kulüp E-posta: -

Bioengineering Club

It is aimed to keep science, biology and engineering together, promote them, and support students who want to work in this direction. To develop solutions in accordance with the needs of the era, to be aware of the developments in Turkey and in the world, and to show students how new technologies are developing theoretically and practically.

Club President: Çağrı Nurçin
Club Vice President: Mustafa Çavuşoğlu
Club Advisor: Dr. Parvaneh Esmaili –
Club E-mail:

Civil Engineering Club

The Department of civil engineering and civil engineering students, academics, academic events and activities in the program complement in line the wishes and needs, to participate in these activities is to provide students and organize events. In the field of Civil Engineering, it organizes conferences, seminars, interviews, panels and technical trips during the members' training. It strengthens solidarity by enabling its students to evaluate their time outside of the course with useful activities and by enabling them to cooperate with other departments and social activity clubs. It is to represent our university in the best way both inside and outside the university.

Club President: Grace John Mwamakula
Club Vice President: Mohammed Ali Ahmed Abdalrahman
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ömer Damdelen–  
Club E-mail:        

Classroom Teaching Club

It is aimed to bring together students studying in the Department of Basic Education at Cyprus International University. It is aimed to create an area where prospective teachers can develop professionally, interact with people in the field, and benefit each other. A lot of social responsibility, art, culture, travel and education are planned in this direction. 

Club E-mail:

Computer Science Engineering Club

Computer Science Engineering Club; To popularize the use of computers and the internet, to bring computer users together and inform users, to organize conferences, seminars, panels, and similar meetings where the knowledge of computer experts can be benefited, to develop computer software and hardware and game tournaments are organized.

Club President: Benjamin Mayowa Oguntoye
Club Vice President: Bashir Sani
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nihal Bayır–
Club E-mail:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Club

This club aims to educate future Electrical-Electronics Engineers needed in Turkey, Cyprus, and other countries by equipping them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge; to bring solutions to the problems of public and private organizations, and to conduct research for the development and implementation of the industry with new technologies and engineering sciences.

Students who conduct research in these fields are those who have acquired the science and mathematical knowledge and skills required for professional careers, such as problem-solving and application; who have established scientific foundations and gained design experience; have a tendency to practice, and have interdisciplinary and individual work skills.

Electrical-Electronics Engineering Club aims to accommodate students who can perform experimental studies individually, interpret and report their data results, and specialize in basic engineering concepts, circuits and systems, communication systems, and automation systems in the laboratory.

Club President: Abdelrahman Omer
Club Vice President: Mohamed Hassan
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Moein Jazayeri –
Club E-mail:  

Energy Systems Engineering Club

The mission of the club is to gather students who are interested in energy within the university studying in the Department of Energy Systems Engineering and help them socialize effectively with students from other departments. Another aim of the club is to organize seminars, panels, and excursions on issues related to efficient production and transmission of conventional energy sources, utilization of sustainable and environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources, and efficient use of energy.
Our vision is to create platforms where students can work on energy issues to follow current technologies and generate ideas on new technologies. Club has the vision to help students gain a leadership spirit that will contribute to the solution of problems and determination of energy policies and strategies for sustainable development.

Club President: Salim Omar Mohamed
Club Vice President: Abdurahman Mohamed
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Neyre Ersoy –
Club E-mail:   

Dentistry Club

The Dentistry Club is committed to improving the quality of dental care and promoting oral health awareness among students and the wider community. Through a range of activities, it aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills and resources to ensure safety in dentistry, raise awareness of oral hygiene practices and promote collaboration with dental professionals for continuous improvement.

Club President: Abdallah El Matari
Club Vice President: Soroush Ebrahimifar
Club Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nurdan Özmeriç Kurtuluş –
Club E-mail:   

Financial and Economic Activities Club

The club aims to bring together students who are interested in the Financial and Economic fields. In addition to encouraging academic development, collaboration and networking, it organizes social activities to exchange ideas on contemporary financial trends. It organizes interactive seminars and events throughout the year where members can discover and increase their potential for personal and professional development.

Club President: Samaneh Mohammadi
Club Vice President: Amin Shakourloo
Club Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asil Azimli –
Club E-mail:

Gastronomy Club

The club aims to organize food culture and cooking activities, to improve the social and cultural activities of the university students by ensuring that club members use the facilities provided by the university to complement the academic knowledge they receive from the courses equally.

Club President: Dilara Üntaç
Club Vice President: Melisa Erkunt
Club Advisor: Instr. Eliz Özer–
Club E-mail:   

Graphic Design Club

The club organizes exhibitions and events such as seminars to represent CIU in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey. Rather than formal activities, the importance of club activities is more to consolidate student unity and strengthen teamwork. Since the aim of this club is integrity, the club work is also a preparation for daily life activities.

Club E-mail:      

Guidance and Psychological Counseling (PCG) Club

Guidance and Psychological Counseling (PCG) Club aims to increase the knowledge of the target audience on the issues about the PCG and enable students to participate in activities related to the PCG, and strengthen interpersonal communication among people. Furthermore, the purpose is to inform scientific, cultural, social, and artistic studies to PCG students and everyone interested in this field. It is also aimed to follow the developments in the world and bring together successful academics from the field with our students.

Club President: Nedanur Can
Club Vice President: İrem Atakan
Club Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürcan Özhan–    
Club E-mail: 

Hair Care and Makeup Club

Hair Care and Makeup Club is established to gather students who are interested in hair and makeup under one body. It organizes educational and scientific meetings and other events related to hair and makeup, as well as raising hair and makeup awareness among cosmetologists and society.

Club President: Hatice Günece
Club Vice President: Belkıs Bilge Altuğra
Club Advisor: Sr. Instr. Vali Gjinali–    
Club E-mail:   

Industrial Engineering Club

Industrial Engineering (Sigma) Club is interested in the process of the design, development, improvement, and operation of systems consisting of scarce resources such as people, time, money, raw materials, equipment, and energy. To increase efficiency and productivity by using various scientific methods at all stages of the development and functioning of systems. Industrial Engineering Club students; To gain vision through panels, project competitions, symposiums, training seminars, and technical trips, to ensure that they are aware of the developments in Turkey and the world in professional and academic fields, to strengthen friendship ties and communication among themselves through social, cultural, artistic and sportive activities, to provide a group perspective on industrial problems and It aims to provide solutions with an approach, to gain knowledge about the engineering department and to introduce their professional life before graduation.

Club E-mail:  

International Law Club

It is a club established to follow and be informed about many competitions to adapt to the developing and changing world in the international arena. It is also a club that is established to compare and discuss the legal policy of countries, and to understand the changing culture and professionalism between legal systems. It is aimed to give students a versatile perspective by looking at the legal policies of countries.

Club E-mail:  

International Relations Club

The International Relations Club of CIU aims to provide students with an idea about their departments in a changing, developing, and globalizing world. In addition to knowing, seeing, and practicing the areas covered by the Department of International Relations within the world’s historical and political processes, it tries to ensure that students exchange ideas, share their thoughts, and become partners in the process of producing through constructive discussions.

Club President: Emmanuel Ewemade Oni
Club Vice President: Ira Silane Caulker
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Özker Kocadal –
Club E-mail:   

Journalism Club

It is a club established to bring together students interested in communication tools at the university and organize technical trips, research, seminars, and projects, cultural and social activities, prepare these as/turn these into articles and improve themselves. Journalism Club aims to teach a person the basic principles of journalism, reporting, news writing, and page layout.

Club President: Cemre Yaz Doğan
Club Vice President: Gülay Kömürcü
Club Advisor: Sr. Instr. Gülden Hacımevlüt Alyaz – 
Club E-mail:    

Law Club

To examine the developments in the field of law that have taken place in the country and the world with the current students within the university, to give a perspective, to transform it from theory to practice.  By inviting specialists in the field to the university and conducting a detailed examination of developing areas with them. Many activities are organized for students to be active. To strengthen the bond between the activities and the members, it also aims to decouple the intensity felt with activities such as breakfast, paintball, and bowling.

Club President: Anıl Fırat Yurten
Club Vice President: Ramadan Özeren
Club Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şölen Külahçı– 
Club E-mail:        

Medical Students' Club

The purpose of the club is to empower future healthcare leaders. This vision underscores the club's commitment to training and developing the next generation of leaders in the healthcare industry. It emphasizes training, mentoring and skill development, and focus. The missions of the club include helping to spread knowledge, supporting communities, helping students develop their professional aspects, and encouraging studies on interdisciplinary collaboration, innovations, and research. 

Club President: Samaneh Mohammadi
Club Vice President: Amin Shakourloo
Club Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kerem Terali –
Club E-mail:

Molecular Biology and Genetics Club

Molecular Biology and Genetics Club aims to contribute to human life quality. We highly believe all technological and scientific advancements are useless if not improving our quality of life on a daily basis regarding nutrition, and human biological and psychological well-being. We will be producing a student magazine that will be providing applicable and interesting information backed up by scientific research and academically valuable articles. We cover the most up to date information on the biological aspect of every single action and decision you make and correlate it with its health advantages and disadvantages. The rest of our provided content will be technical knowledge on genetic related aspects of life, targeting a smaller group audience including professionals in the whole health related sciences community. We aim to make this reliable knowledge very much fast delivery and visually attractive. This is achieved by taking advantage of combining ART and BIOLOGY while keeping content dignity in mind all the time.  

Club President: Roham Negahban
Club Vide President: Parsa Sanaei Moghadam
Club Advisor: Dr. Deran Erdengiz –
Club E-mail:

Nutrition and Healthy Life Club

Healthy life and nutrition is a club established to raise awareness of both physical and spiritual aspects. It is aimed to explain the effect of health, an active life, the effect of exercise, the environment, and the effects of extreme stress on people. It aims to organize many activities to inform the public in the name of health, to gain individual health, and to take a step towards social health.

Club E-mail:

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Club

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Club was established to bring students and teachers together to create a spirit of unity among us and raise awareness about the opportunities associated with our careers as petroleum engineers.

We also want to convey the negative effects of the sector on global development. Within the scope of this project, we would like to organize seminars and some socio-cultural activities in which we demand the support and maximum cooperation of the school administration to achieve this great goal.

Club President: Prydine Agbor Abang
Club Vice President: Faruk Alhaji Husaini
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ertan Akün –    
Club E-mail:

Pharmacy and Wellness Rx Club

It is aimed at improving the social skills and self-confidence of students at the university to perform tasks for a specific purpose. It creates values for students in the awareness of healthy living and taking action. Awareness weeks, information programs, tournaments, seminars and etc. are organized as events. It is aimed to organize many awareness-based activities to tell students about the importance of health.

Club President: Farima Khaliliarjmand
Club Vice President: Ayda Hassanzadeh Eskafi
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sami Boşnak – 
Club E-mail:     

Pre-school Club

Pre-school Club supports Pre-school Teaching Education students to become qualified preschool teachers by organizing training, seminars, and activities related to preschool teaching.

Club President: Güldal Yavuz
Club Vice President: Simge Abiter
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sarem Özdemir–    
Club E-mail:

Psychology Club

Psychology Club deals with mental processes and human behavior, as the main focal points of the science of psychology, within the framework of social sciences, and aims to increase awareness of social issues. The Psychology Club aims to help the members with the current science of psychology subjects individually, as well as contribute to the development of the students of the department socially, by encouraging the raising of awareness of various social problems and participating in social projects.

Club President: Ece Dokur
Club Vice President: Cengiz Can Var
Club Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Bengü Berkmen– 

Club E-mail: 

Radio and Television Club

RTV Club provides Cyprus International University students the opportunity to discover their talents in Radio and Television. By joining this club, you can produce your radio or television program in your dreams, you can develop your skills in this field by taking an active role either in front of the camera or microphone, either behind the scenes. In addition to the professional experience to be gained during the production of the Radio and Television programs, the club also offers students the opportunity to increase personal self-confidence and compatibility with teamwork. Organizing interviews and workshops with the participation of experienced people from the sector such as movie and TV stars, screenwriters, directors, and cinematographers who have a reputation in their field, organizing short film competitions and film production workshops are some aims of RTV Club. RTV club also offers an opportunity to students to take part in many productions and activities which are already carried out by the RTV Unit, such as presenters of a TV show, a cameraman, and video editors.

Club E-mail:  

Special Education Club

Special Education Club organizes conferences and seminars to raise awareness of the students from the Department of Special Education. It organizes visits to individuals in need of special education and conducts social activities in this field.

Club E-mail: 

Tourism Club

It is a club for the students of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, which was established to advance their qualifications, such as organizing tours. In addition to the activities related to gaining general business establishment, there are also training programs that include the general working philosophy of the tourism and hospitality industry, which requires both knowledge and expertise. The club provides students with opportunities to increase their practical experience.

Club President: Amir Yazdani
Club Vice President: Anaita Abdulofizova
Club Advisor: Dr. Marjan Kamyabi –
Club E-mail:

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