Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center

As PCGC-PDAREM we are dedicated to help students of CIU with their personal, emotional, behavioral and psychological issues since 2000. The services we are providing are and will always be free to undergraduate and postgraduate students registered at CIU.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PCGC - PDAREM) Services:

  • Psychological assessment and individual counseling (short-term)
  • Psychological guidance
  • Student-oriented workshops, seminars, orientation activities that will support the psychological well-being and development of students

Sessions at the PCGC – PDAREM:

  • Counseling services are provided free of charge to the registered active CIU students.
  • The sessions are arranged on a day that both the student and the counsellor is available.
  • Sessions consist of 45- 50 minutes meetings with the same counselor and occur weekly.
  • PCGC - PDAREM services are carried out in accordance with the Turkish Psychological Association Ethics Regulation (2004) and the British Psychological Society (2021). 

Examples of areas where psychological support can be obtained from PCGC - PDAREM:

Anxiety disorders, Exam anxiety, Depression, Adaptation problems, Psychosocial problems/support, Phobias, Stress and methods of coping with stress, Anger control problems, Abuse-Neglect problems, Academic problems, Problems with attention processes, Relationship problems, Procrastination behaviors, Loss and grief.


During your initial assessment session, you and your counselor will explore your concerns and discuss what additional services may be helpful to you. After your initial assessment appointment, if your plan includes continued services at the PCGC, you will be assigned for regular scheduled appointments.



PCGC, greatly values students’ privacy and confidentiality. All information shared is between the student and the PCGC staff. No information will be disclosed to the academic and administrative staff. Personal information is not released from PCGC without written consent from the student.

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Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center
Library, K210/K212
Director: Asst. Prof. Dr. Eliz Volkan 
Psychologist: Huriye Koruşan
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2086