CIU has the best campus in Cyprus

Cyprus International University (CIU) has succeeded in marking a difference this year in the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, where it has successfully represented our country for the last 3 years. Rising 72 places this year, CIU has ranked 148th among 922 universities in the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, which makes evaluations on sustainability in higher education institutions. The CIU Campus, which was ranked as the 2nd best campus of the island last year, has achieved in becoming the best campus in Cyprus this year, placing a 158 rank difference from its closest rival.

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Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu: "We are becoming conscious for a sustainable world"

Stating that they have begun to see the results of their ongoing work within the framework of the vision they determined in 2009 and noting that they are justifiably proud of this, CIU Vice Rector and Sustainable Energy Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu explained that they have expanded their work in recent years with relation to the main topics of sustainable energy and environment, to transportation, infrastructure, waste management, water and education.

Emphasizing that they have renewed the workshop where they produce many different recycled waste products, creating an environment where students and other related segments can enjoy project production, Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu emphasized that in this way, the project teams are both producing new projects and becoming aware of protecting the environment for a sustainable world.

“The goal is for a healthy and sustainable life”

Also pointing out that different steps have been taken in regards to the organic agriculture project carried out by the students, Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu stated that this process is also supported with the renewed greenhouse infrastructure. Elaborating that different projects are being worked upon in order to increase the physical activity and healthy lifestyle on the campus, Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu stated that the goal is a healthy and sustainable life within a sustainable campus.

“Education is not restricted to the laboratories or classrooms”

Stating that campuses are more than just living and accommodation areas for the students, academics and university members, Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu indicated that in the world of education today, the entire campus is part of the university education and not just the laboratories and classrooms, and that the campus is considered as the area of application of​​many educational programs. It was stated that in an effort to pursue the projects and works within the framework of CIU’s vision in a more coordinated manner, and for projects that are part of the students, in fact are owned by the students to be produced, the “Sustainable Campus Office” was established in 2018, that has succeeded in producing many new projects.

“The primary aim is for an environmentally conscious and informed society”

Stating that even although it is not the main target, the success shown in the international evaluation agency UI GreenMetric ranking, is considered as feedback on the consistent correct path taken and this situation makes them happy, Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu underlined that the primary goal is to raise an environmentally conscious and informed society.

Stating that the production and execution of personal projects by students and other CIU members accelerated this awareness process, in his statements Abbasoğlu continued, “CIU is one of four across the island of Cyprus to enter these rankings, and by far the best university on the island. In Turkey, out of 52 universities we are ranked 5th”.

“Studies that appeal to the community”

Pointing out that the studies conducted do not only appeal to people living within the campus boundaries, but also to the whole society, Dr. Abbasoğlu stated that different segments of the society and many schools from primary and secondary education were included in many of the projects, he went on to invite all those who were not involved so far to see and participate in the studies carried out at the university.
At the end of his statement, Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu thanked all the people and organizations who contributed to this project, expressing that many collaborations were carried out with a number of institutions and organizations, especially with the Nicosia Turkish Municipality, Velespeed and Taşkent Nature Park.