Student Development and Counseling Center


Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC) was established to provide students with contemporary knowledge and skills, to increase their awareness in realizing their potential in the fields of psychological, educational, and social development, and to provide consultancy services on the road to success in their education.

University and campus life is an environment that tests students as much as it is fun. The new social environment, new relationships, the development of new social skills, and high expectations for academic performance can complicate university life.

SDCC is a unit that aims to help students cope with the difficulties of university life, and to improve their knowledge and skills, and to live university and campus life most efficiently.

The Center provides solutions to students' problems, aims to keep their social lives alive, make positive contributions to both their social and educational lives with club activities, and make student-university interaction productive by cooperating with the student council.

Working Areas

Student Counseling Coordination and Social Events Coordination are the units affiliated with SDCC.

Provided Services

Student Counseling Coordination unit creates a bridge between all students in the university and other units in line with the demands they make for the units. It provides students with the help they need in decision-making regarding the difficulties they face in life and learning. Social Events Coordination unit enables students to use their extracurricular free time for useful activities. In line with the preferences and needs of the students, it enables them to engage in scientific research, discussion, and various activities that complement the academic programs in the fields of expertise, culture - art –thought and sports clubs categories. In this direction, besides Student Clubs and Student Council event coordination, Orientation Days and Spring Festival organizations organize events are being organized within the framework of many themes.


Student Development and Counseling Center
Student Services Building
Director: Gamze Atay
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2057