Registrar's Office Directorate


The Registrar's Office Directorate is a location where the students will be in contact with, either in person or via SIS (Student Information System) throughout their education, starting from registration until their graduation. 
In accordance with the CIU quality policy, we provide our students with continuous, effective and accurate information and / or document services in coordination with our University units, using the strong technological infrastructure and up-to-date information technologies of our time with our researching, producing, experienced and active staff.

Fields of Work

All students who personally apply to the Registrar's Office or by services provided from the counter to the students and/or reach via telephone, e-mail or the SIS system, are provided with the necessary information/services in a short time, depending on the nature of the transaction, or they are directed to the relevant units.
Our Directorate provides archiving of documents related to students and
resolves problems that students may encounter during their education, such as the curriculum, incorrect course registration, and grade entries on SIS. 

Services Provided

  • The Registrar's Office executes transactions as Students' first registration, course registration, add/drop, student ID, student certificate, military service deferment document/procedure, transcript, registration freeze, termination, lateral transfer, exemption, internship procedures, updates on Yökas and Yöksis, special letter, temporary graduation, diploma printing and approval processes, internal transfer, etc. 
  • Prepares relevant daily and periodic correspondence.
  • All kinds of graduation procedures of students, diploma approvals, graduation ceremony or diploma distribution are carried out through the directorate.
  • Processes that develop outside of the services related to the Academic Calendar are announced via SIS.
  • Students may also find the regulations of the operations carried out by the Registrar's Office in accordance with the regulations on the SIS.


Registrar's Office Directorate
Student Services Building
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2033/2895