International Center


International Center serves as a bridge between the international students and the management of the university. Its main focus is student satisfaction among its other responsibilities. Student satisfaction is the process of ensuring student success which begins with their registration until they reach their graduation during their academic period. 

International Center staff comprises student assistants from different countries making the satisfaction process impactful because of the University students are from different countries. At the international center, students can make inquiries about any issues of concern to them.



  • Developing and planning international activities
  • Assisting in student registrations
  • Constant communication with students from different countries represented at CIU through their representative societies
  • Coordinating students’ societies through society presidents.
  • Promoting multicultural interaction among students through dance, music, sporting activities and theatre,
  • Managing the international center's social media spaces,
  • Conflict and dispute management.


International Center
Student Center

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extention: 2095