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Cyprus International University (CIU) Computer Center (CC) was established at the same time as CIU, in 1997, CC performs a duty to provide resources in general for the university's strategic priorities, consistent IT services that are safe and easy to use and efficient use of these services and information resources.

CC makes the most of the developing information technologies, follows the developments in this area continuously, dedicating efforts - in line with the needs of the university; working to provide educational, teaching, and academic research support. All academic and administrative staff, as well as students, benefit from the latest technologies, while CC offers all the necessary support needed to maximize efficiency in their work.


CC develops the software required by the university for administration, education, research services, and network infrastructure planning. It provides not only the technical support needed for information but also hardware. Uninterrupted operation of the services offered has always been the priority of CC.

It is the responsibility of the CC to design, build, operate and manage the data communication infrastructure required throughout the campus. It is also the task of the CC to operate the telephone infrastructure needed to provide both on-campus and off-campus communications.

CC is also responsible for ensuring that all necessary IT security measures are in place and that these measures are up-to-date.

IT Services

Internet Access

A high-capacity internet connection provided for the campus is delivered to each point important part of the campus, both via cable and wirelessly with the help of a strong hotspot network infrastructure installed all around the campus. Each student in the dormitory rooms benefits from hassle-free internet services 24 hours/day through personal internet lines provided to them.

E-mail Address

All users with an account have an e-mail address. These addresses consist of account names. For example: the email address for a student, whose number is 19970093, is To access this service, the user must type in the address section of the web browser program (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) on any computer connected to the Internet. It is enough for the user to write the user name and password on the incoming page and manage their e-mails. CIU also provides SMTP and POP3 support about e-mail for advanced users to use this service more efficiently. The required server name is In order to change the CIU-NET passwords, users should click on the "Forgot Password" link at the bottom of the page, then the "Student" link and follow the instructions on the page that opens.

Message List – Newsletter Feeds

Message lists and Newsletter feeds provide easy communication via e-mail among people who are interested in a specific topic. The members of a message list are able to send and receive messages to other members. All messages that are sent to the list are distributed to all the members. An application form given to the CIU Computer Center Directorate is enough and necessary to create a new message list on any topic.

Wireless Internet Connection (WiFi)

Wireless is available throughout the campus.

Access to Electronic Databases

In accordance with the license agreements of the database providers, access to electronic databases our university has subscribed to is restricted to the campus. In order access these databases from outside the campus network, a proxy server has been installed. This server can be used with user name and password authentication provided upon request and authorization by the Computer Center Directorate. Academic staff of the university must fill in a form, print it out and sign it. They are then required to apply personally to the IT Center in order to benefit from this service. Applications that are not made personally will not be taken into consideration.

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OnlIne Services

Student Information System (SIS)

Student Information System (CIU SIS) enables students to carry out many academic operations related to the university with just a click/tap. Students can register to their courses, see their course timetable, grades and follow their academic performance via SIS. Also with different modules, students can carry out most of their student services online. In addition, with various interactive modules offered by different units, students can interact and engage throughout their university life.

E-mail (Webmail)

The e-mail system is one of the main IT services that our university provides to our students and staff. An e-mail account is automatically created for every student who completes the registration process. The students then use their e-mail accounts not only to communicate but also to access all portal services provided for our students both inside and outside of the university. Webmail system can be logged in with a CIU-NET account.


It is used to access content such as announcements and course materials about faculty courses during the semester. Moodle system can be logged in with a CIU-NET account.


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