School of Tourism and Hotel Management


School of Tourism and Hotel Management was established in 2007 within the Cyprus International University (CIU). The School of Tourism and Hotel Management aims to provide successful entrepreneurs, managers, employees and academicians to academic and industrial fields thanks to its knowledgeable, conscious, innovative and versatile graduates. The School of Tourism and Hotel Management helps its students climb the career ladder strongly with its high-quality education system. Thanks to a contemporary education program, students are trained as individuals who are sensitive to changing economic conditions, technological developments, and international and local trends in the tourism industry. The School of Tourism and Hotel Management includes two academic programs: Tourism and Hotel Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.   

Mission and Vision

The mission of the CIU School of Tourism and Hotel Management, is to train qualified executive candidates who are open to development, socially sensitive and responsible, who can think proactively, and who have received tourism education at international standards, within the framework of scientific knowledge.
The vision of the school, is to be an educational institution that ranks at the forefront in the region and in the international arena, with the individuals it has produced for the tourism and academic sectors, and their contributions to scientific studies and activities.



School of Tourism and Hotel Management’s Tourism Management Program is accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA).

Education Opportunities

In addition to theoretical explanations, the courses within the School of Tourism and Hotel Management possess in-class and out-of-class applications designed based on the situations encountered in real business life. Course contents are enriched with business tours and projects, providing students with the opportunity to learn and understand the tourism and hospitality industry in real environments. Thanks to the relationships established with tourism sector businesses, students can observe real business environments, identify their deficiencies by comparing their knowledge, skills and abilities, and recognize the fields and businesses where they can find work when they graduate. Students are equipped with the knowledge to gain expertise in the tourism sector and provide effective service. In particular, courses such as tour operatorship, food preparation and cooking, and housekeeping management are carried out with a "learning by doing" approach. School of Tourism and Hotel Management is a member of the International Council for Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education - (CHIRE) and the European Association of Hotel Management Schools - (EURHODIP).


School of Tourism and Hotel Management
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