As Cyprus International University fills up with new students from around the world, we asked some of them why they chose to come to this university and what impressions they had of it so far

Interviews and Photography:

Merdan Meredov – Architecture – Turkmenistan

Since childhood I have always loved drawing, scribbling things. I have always wanted to earn a living as a famous architect: I dreamt of having my name called out on a grand stage.  The way to realise my dreams would require education at a good university, and this is why I chose CIU. The lecturers play a significant role in this. They have very different methods, unlike the lecturers at other universities.  Another very pleasant aspect of CIU is being together with people from other nations.

Irina Uryadnikova –  Tourism and Hotel Management – Russia

I live with my family in Limasol in Southern Cyprus. Having graduated from high school I looked into all the universities in Cyprus. Two friends of mine who graduated from CIU recommended CIU to me. I love the weather in Cyprus; I would not have thought of studying in any other country. I studied in detail the lecture plan and the dual degree protocol of CIU. I share a dormitory room with a student from Kazakhstan. This is the most beautiful aspect of studying at CIU: we can get to know about completely different cultures. Living away from my family means that I have to be self reliant, which is also a good life experience.

Heidi Pullyard  –  Journalism – USA

I came across CIU randomly on the internet, and started researching on it in detail. What appealed to me the most was CIU being international. Upon my arrival, I felt a bit lonely at first, and thought that this would continue. But when my lectures began the sense of loneliness disappeared totally. In my class I have friends from many different countries: USA, Nigeria and Ukraine. We are all getting to know each other’s culture, and having a great time together. Everyone is expressing their individual, diverse ideas during the lectures. Journalism turned out to be the ideal discipline for me.

Azizah Gattepaille  – Advertising and Public Relations – France/Nigeria

I have lots of friends who graduated from CIU. When I went from France to Nigeria, my friends advised me to choose CIU. Arriving for the first time at Northern Cyprus, I was very much impressed by the weather. This is a place where we have sunshine every month of the year. For me Northern Cyprus is above all a different country with its language, culture, and traditions. The clean and modern campus is also very important for me. The reason why I chose Advertising & Public Relations is because I am interested in the media. In the future I would like to work in front of the camera.

Ayaz Kerimov – International Relations – Azerbaijan

People here are very positive. I am convinced that this is so due to the weather in Cyprus. Culturally Northern Cyprus is not too different to my own culture. When we arrived here we did not feel like strangers. We have a very good relationship with the lecturers; they establish very good communication with students. Our preference for CIU was strengthened very much by the international recognition of the diploma that we will receive here, as well as the quality of the English education.

Victoria Kim – Business Management – South Korea

I have always wanted to study abroad. When I arrived at CIU, I loved the atmosphere. I’ve never felt lonely here because there were always nice people around me ready to help.  Here at CIU we study together with people from many different countries. It’s an incredible experience. Everyone is very helpful, and so are our lecturers. If there is ever any problem, it ceases to exist in a short time since it is solved by the people around you.

Daisuke Matsumoto –  Masters in Graphic Design – Japan

After my undergraduate course in journalism I wrote letters to a few universities in the USA. I was able to get scholarship, but the course was still very expensive. For this reason I decided to look at different universities around Europe. I wanted to study Graphic Design because the subject interests me. Some of my friends suggested studying in Cyprus, so I started searching for Cypriot universities. I found the CIU website on the internet. When I came here, I felt good because the weather, the nature and the geography is very nice.  The education is very high quality in here. If I were in Japan, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate so easily. Communication is also very comfortable; we can communicate with the teachers very easily, like friends. I feel very good to be here because I am getting to know about different cultures, food, and environments. It’s a great opportunity for me.

Mouza Mohamed Al-Naamani – Interior Design – Oman

I was actually very lucky because I applied to a university Malaysia but my agency in Kenya told me about Cyprus. They told me that CIU is a really good school and they said that I could apply because they want students from schools in Kenya. I felt lucky to be accepted. The weather here is very nice and I love the mountains; I cannot imagine living in a place without hot weather and green surroundings. It reminds me of Kenya. I expected the education to be very difficult, but all of the lecturers are very helpful. I am also trying to understand Cypriot culture and learn more about the food. I love travelling to Girne; I have a friend who lives there and sometimes I go to visit her there.

Dmytro Soroka – International Relations – Ukraine

Before I came to CIU I visited Cyprus many times  because some of my relatives are living here. I was very lucky to see my university before I came to study here. Cyprus is a quiet country and you can see the sun all year round. This is a big advantage for me, because I love sunny weather. In my country you cannot see the sun all of the time and especially in the winter it is very cold. I really like CIU because I have friends from a lot of different countries, and this means I can experience different cultures, foods, languages, etcetera. I am studying in the Preparatory School at the moment; I’m finding the education very useful and I have good relations with the teachers.

Lerato Sandra Nare – Advertising and Public Relations – Zimbabwe

I had a lot of friends who studied in Cyprus and they recommended CIU to me. Some of them are now working in Africa, and some are now in different countries. The people at the university are very positive: they picked me from airport when I arrived and took me to dormitory. The school is small and quiet: I really like universities which are like this. My teachers are like my friends – they are very helpful. My plans are to study my department, which is Advertising and Public Relations, and then to get a good job.

Alua Aziskhanova – Kazakhstan International Relations

I decided that if I wanted to study International Relations I should do it abroad, because this is more suitable. I looked at universities in Cyprus because most of my friends were already coming here. I wondered what was happening here. I consulted my agency and we decided to choose CIU. In my country I passed the IELT exam so I did not need to study at the Preparatory school. Since school started, everything has been good. My department is very good quality: the teachers are very intellectual they just want to teach us.