z1The 35th anniversary of Zimbabwean Independence was celebrated at Cyprus International University. Students from various countries participated in the event at the Student Union Centre, making it a very colourful celebration.

The celebration that commenced with the Zimbabwean national anthem and a presentation about Zimbabwe continued. Students performed local dances and sand local songs, and at the end of the activity slices of a cake as well and drinks were distributed to participating students.

Speaking at the event, CIU Vice Rector Prof. Halil Nadiri pointed out that in the current global environment it was difficult to lead our lives in peace, adding that we all should keep in mind our history and undertake sensible achievements. Expressing he was deeply convinced that we would be living a peaceful life in the future, Prof. Nadiri stated, “we have already achieved peace here at CIU, by marking the Independence Day of many countries with a wide spectrum of international students, and we will continue doing so”.

Prof. Nadiri expressed his gratitude to Zimbabwean students for having invited him to this special event, and for the efforts of all individuals who helped make it possible.zimbabve