social worksCyprus International University hosted a seminar for final year students in the Department of Social Work in which they made presentations about the practical experiences they had gained while working at various professional institutions.

The institutions in which students gained experience included the SOS Children’s Village, the Algım Special Education Centre, the Montessori School and the Gadem centre.

In their fourth year of study, Social Work department students are required to take a course called ‘Social Work in Practices’. According to Asst. Prof. Julie Alev Dilmaç, the course is designed for students to have ‘hands on experience in the field.’ In doing so, students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge learned as well as demonstrate specific professional skills.

During training, Dr. Dilmaç continued, ‘students have to note what they did and who they met while at the institutions as well as what they learned overall.’ The course is based on making observations, adapting to their supervisor and clients in addition to writing a report about the tasks given to them by the agency. Students were required to go to social work agencies twice a week during their first semester and three times a week during their second semester.

During the seminar, the audience heard presentations from Ömer Tokatli and Feridun Demircan on the activities of the SOS Children’s Village; Audrey Chihoho, Meltem Başaran and Emine Dibi on the special needs work undertaken by the Algım Special Education Centre; Canan Kıdrışlıoğlu on the alternative approach to education conducted by the Montessori School; and Murat Balcı on the activities of the Gadem centre, which include drug counselling.

Reporter: Amanda Komboni