Energy expert Dr. Fulcieri Maltini visited CIU to speak at a conference about the Chernobyl Disaster and alternative sources of energy in Cyprus. Dr Maltini had previously been active in the closure of the Chernobyl nuclear, and has recently been involved in the development of a large Photovoltaic power plant in North Cyprus.

The seminar organized by CIU’s Department of Energy Systems Engineering and was inaugurated by Assoc. Prof. Serkan Abbasoğlu, coordinator of the CIU Rector’s Office and Head of the Energy Systems Engineering Department. Dr. Abbasoğlu pointed out that the Chernobyl accident of  29 years ago, one of the biggest disasters of our century, still had an impact today. Underlining the need for alternative sources of energy, Dr. Abbasoğlu stated that he particularly valued the view on this matter of his friend Dr. Maltini, a valuable scientist who had contributed to many Renewable Energy projects.

Dr. Maltini began his presentation by providing information on the cause of the accident that had occurred at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and projected images of the accident. Pointing out to a breakdown at one of the reactors as the principal reason for the accident, Dr. Fulcieri explained that the accident had turned into a disaster due to the security systems that were deactivated during a test-run.

Speaking about the measures taken after the accident, Dr. Maltini said that the town where the accident had taken place was still being held under quarantine for security purposes, as were its surroundings; and that the core of the reactor was still hot. Dr. Maltini explained that a new safe confinement construction had commenced three years ago due to risks caused by cracks occurring in the initial cement sarcophagus – itself built against leakage of nuclear waste – before presenting visuals of the new confinement. Dr. Maltini informed that the new confinement would be active as of 2017.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Dr. Maltini pointed out that Cyprus was an island blessed with natural resources, particularly the sun. As a consultant for the Serhatköy Solar Power Station, Maltini said the station was a source of pride for Cyprus, and he provided   information on the design stage of the station. Dr. Maltini also spoke of the solar energy works undertaken by CIU, emphasizing that universities had to take the lead in such works.