IMG_8249The Cyprus International University Library Club, together with the English Speaking Club, organized an evening entitled ‘A Journey to Poetry’. The evening was organised into three themed segments: Melancholy, Love and Happiness. Each speaker was tasked with selecting three poems that best fit these emotions. The idea was to begin the evening with sadness and end with happiness.

The event began with an introduction in English and in Turkish providing insights into what poetry is, followed by the introduction of the poets. The reading featured three members , Akintola Akinbote, Sandra Obiora and Felix Madziwanyiba, plus English Speaking Club organiser Keith Lay Sala. In addition, Belinda Mugobogobo accompanied the poets on the guitar.

The first segment featured poems that were melancholic.  The first was poem was recited by Sandra Obiora reading a poem she wrote entitled ‘Rainy Days’ inspired by the the gloomy weather that we have been experiencing. Next was Felix Madziwanyiba reading a poem by David Harkins entitled ‘He is Gone’. Madziwanyiba cited that he was inspired to read the poem after hearing it a funeral of a good friend.  Bringing the melancholy theme to an end was Akintola Akinbote reciting a poem he wrote entitled ‘The Funeral’ inspired by the loss of his father.

Introducing the second themed segment being ‘love’ was a song performed by Akintola Akinbote and Belinda Mugobogobo entitled ‘How He Loves Us’.  The song was uplifting and performed with passion. Beginning the recital of the poems was Felix Madziwanyiba entitled ‘Love in a Cage’. He was followed by Sandra Obiora who admitted she had had a difficult time selecting just one poem about love to recite but eventually settled on an old poem she had written. The poem was about finding the perfect kind of love. Following Obiora was Akintola Akinbote reciting a poem he wrote entitled ‘The Goddess’ inspired by what he thinks and feels love to be. Concluding the segment on love was Mr. Keith reading a poem he wrote inspired by the birth of his daughter entitled ‘Arya Mia’.

Following the recital of Mr Keith’s poem was Belinda  Mugobogobo performing a song entitled ‘Fade Away’.

Ending our ‘Journey to Poetry’ poems about happiness were recited. The first poem entitled ‘Sanguine’ was recited by Sandra Obiora. Following her was Madziwanyiba reciting a poem entitled ‘Happiness’. The last poem read was entitled ‘Broken Pieces’ recited by Akintola. Explaining the reason behind his selection Akinbote cited that ‘at the end of every journey is happiness, with time all scars will heal’.

Reporter: Amanda Komboni

Photographer: Yağmur Kılıç