gana bagimsizlik gunu2Ghanaian students enrolled at Cyprus International University celebrated the 58th anniversary of Ghana’s Independence with a joyful and well-attended event. The celebration was held at the Student Union Center and commenced with Ghana’s national anthem, “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana”, sang by two students. Turkish students as well as students from diverse countries attending the event supported their colleagues by clapping and dancing along. A video clip presenting the history and natural colours of Ghana was projected.

The Vice Rector of the Cyprus International University Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri also delivered a speech to students during the event. Prof. Nadiri said, “I am very happy to be with our students on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of Ghana’s Independence Day. It is with students from 72 different countries enrolled at our university that we are celebrating this special day. Universities have a major role to play in turning individuals into true citizens of the world. At Cyprus International University we are striving to make citizens of the world out of our students”.

Speaking at the event, Gizem Kavaz from the CIU International Office said, “Freedom and justice is of utmost significance for all human beings. I have been to Ghana on many occasions, I can thus relate to the feelings of our Ghanaian students. Everyone needs to feel at home; we are doing our best to make our students feel themselves at home here at CIU”.

SONY DSCCIU students speaking on the celebration of the Ghanaian Day of Independence:

Berihold Appiah Nkwaniabısa (Ghana – Department of Pharmacy):

It made me very happy to celebrate the independence of my country here in Cyprus, away from home, in the company of people of different cultures.  This was just like home, celebrations taking place in a wide open area with lots of people dancing.

Mohamed S. Alhasan (Libya – Department of Bioengineering)

I had never been present for such a celebration before. Through the video projection on Ghana I was able to discover Ghana. It is a true pleasure to discover different cultures here at the Cyprus International University.