İKİ KULÜPTEN ÖRNEK DAVRANIŞCyprus International University (CIU) Library Club and English Speaking Club donated books, food and cleaning products during their visit to the Centre for Children and Youth, affiliated with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

CIU Library Club advisors Gülten Sala Lay and Keith John Lay praised the personnel at the Centre on their important work. The two club advisors also expressed appreciation to the Director for the Ministry Sarper Özdoğa, and project Coordinator Berna Arifoğlu for their hospitability and promotional works, and expressed their appreciation to CIU for the opportunity to contribute to social responsibility projects.

Expressing their feelings on the event, Arzu Özen, the Head of the CIU Library Club, and Şükrü Yıldırım, the Head of the CIU English Speaking Club said, “we are grateful that our donation and support were accepted, and grateful for the warm and sincere reception reserved to us. We are assured that our support and donation are in good hands. The CIU family is very happy for the opportunity to contribute to the current works.” The two directors also expressed their gratitude to the CIU Management and the two club advisors for facilitating the donations.

Representatives of the Center for Children and Youth and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security expressed their gratitude to CIU and CIU students for the donation.