Vusal-Bagirov-FotoCIU Arts Education and Crafts Teaching department member Assoc. Prof. Vüsal Bağırov published a book entitled “Graphics in Arts Education and Crafts Teaching” with Pagem Academy Publishing House.

In his book, Dr. Bağırov studies the relationship between the concepts of arts and science, covering topics such as, arts based approaches, the impact on arts of scientific studies, teaching methods utilized in arts education, and the historical method.

Dr. Bağırov said, “art is one of the indispensable aspects of life”, adding that human beings were able to express their emotions, thoughts, desires, and enthusiasm freely through drawing, voice and motions. Underlining that arts education was inevitable in order for individuals to understand, discover, and love life, Dr. Bağırov said, “in the present era we are faced with the fact that changes concerning the methods and approaches utilized in arts education – as is the case with all branches of education – are universal. Art is an important inter-societal and inter-cultural language of communication. Arts education is a particular discipline within the context of expressing one’s self”.