EPSAAn informative meeting was organized by the Cyprus International University Faculty of Pharmacy about the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA). During the meeting, department lecturer Asst. Prof. Ender Volkan Çınar provided information on EPSA, which unites all European students of pharmacy.

During his speech Çınar talked about the stage whereby the CIU Pharmacy Students Association (CIUPSA), established two years ago by the Faculty students, became a member of the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association after many initiatives. Dr. Çınar underlined that by obtaining the membership of EPSA, CIUPSA earned CIU the status of being the sole university to represent Cyprus in the Association, which boasts 25 European member countries.

Dr. Çınar explained that the EPSA was run by students of pharmacy from European universities and was active within a wide scope of activities, ranging from education through internships to seminars and summer schools. Explaining that students actively involved with EPSA had the opportunity to learn about the domain of pharmacy through different points of view and through most significant professionals of the domain by taking part in various workshops, Çınar said that the aim of EPSA was to educate students into individuals fully equipped with professional know-how.

Çınar said, “Through the EPSA, students will also develop their language skills whilst representing CIU.” Finally, Çınar pointed out that students needed to strictly attend two EPSA conferences annually in a timely manner in order to maintain their membership.