Kıbrıs Türk Kültür ve Edebiyatı SempozyumuAcademics from Cyprus International University attended the “Symposium on Turkish Cypriot Literature and Littérateurs” organized in Ankara by the Turkish Cypriot Cultural Association and the Cypriot Institute of Balkan Eurasian and Turkish Literature (KIBATEK).

Artists and academics collaborated at the Mehmet Ertuğruloğlu Assembly Hall in Ankara for the symposium, presenting research they had undertaken in the field of Turkish Cypriot Culture and Literature.

CIU was represented at the symposium by the Dean for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Metin Karadağ, the Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Mihrican Aylanç, Asst. Prof. Gürkan Gümüşatam, and Assist. Prof.  Hatice Kayhan.

Prof. Karadağ spoke on the writing of the Cypriot poet Fikret Demirağ (1940-2010), examining his work and his representation of his homeland, arguing that he created literary symphonies nurtured with his passion, longing and emotions throughout his life.

Assoc. Prof. Aylanç focused on the novels of İsmail Bozkurt in relation to concepts of “realism”, “evolution” and “maturity”, arguing that his work represents the transformation of individuals into social types.

Assist. Prof. Gümüşatam’s presentation focused on Hakkı Hakeri, a researcher who has contributed not only to the Turkish Cypriot Literature but also to the studies of the Turkish Cypriot Dialect through his Dictionary of the Turkish Cypriot Dialect.

Finally, Assist. Kayhan examined the process through which heroes in Turkish history became sagas through the poems of Özker Yaşın. The presentation argued that these poems shone a light of hope for Turkish Cypriots throughout dark episodes of their history.