Acil Sağlık Müdahale Semineri

The Cyprus International University Faculty of Education held a seminar with the tile “Urgent Care” during which Associate Prof. Kudret Çağlar was present as the speaker.

At the seminar in the Çevik Uraz Conference Hall Dr. Çağlar provided advice to future teachers enrolled at the Faculty of Education, on how to deal with serious health situations that could be faced during lectures. The seminar was widely attended by students from the Faculty of Education as well as the Vocational School of Health Sciences.

The seminar commenced with the viewing of a video entitled “Who is Kudret Çağlar?” filmed by the Assistant for the Department of Pre-School Teaching Sevil Bıyık, and the Student Representative of the Department Laden Partalcı. The video shows many Cypriots from all walks of life, such as pharmacy and restaurant owners as well as teachers and directors of pre-school education institutions, speak of Dr. Çağlar as they know him. Most interviewees described Çağlar as a doctor opposed to unnecessary use of medication, specifically antibiotics, adding that they followed him through his social responsibility work, as well as his radio and TV programs.

Through his seminar presentation, Kudret Çağlar informed the attendants on matters such as how to approach children suffering from fewer, trauma, seizure, grave cases of diarrhea, recurring cases of vomiting, children having ingested a foreign object or having inserted a foreign object through the nasal cavity, and patients diagnosed with a suspected case of broken bones. Pointing out that teachers needed to make sure that children take their prescribed medication and that children do not take medication without knowledge of their parents, Çağlar informed the CIU students on approaches to be adopted concerning children suffering from chronic diseases, as well as diseases such as cancer, and asthma.

Acil Sağlık Müdahale SemineriDrawing particular attention cases of fever, Assoc. Prof. Kudret Çağlar provided detailed explanations to future teachers on how they should handle probable cases of fewer urgently. Çağlar also informed the participating students on which steps they should adopt in handling cases of epilepsy and seizure, underlining that they should remain calm during the process.

At the conclusion of the seminar Dr. Çağlar answered questions of students. Sharing his experiences with the students, Çağlar explained that the students should prepare themselves for their fair share of future good and bad experiences.

Following the speech, Head of the CIU Department of Pre-School Teaching assistant Prof. Tuba Gökmenoğlu presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Kudret Çağlar.