Baba Merhaba tiyatro oyunu

The theatre play “Baba Merhaba” or “Hello Father” was performed by the members of the Cyprus International University Theatre Club at Levent Primary School Performance Hall for an enthusiastic audience.

The first theatre performance of 2015 was widely attended, not only by CIU students but also from public at large. The two-act absurd-comedy play consisted of six sketches and was performed by young actors.

The director of the play Nilay Usta explained that the sketches had been put together based on fun moments from class hours and from daily life. Pointing out that much effort had been put into preparing the performance, Usta added that they were very happy with the positive comments they had received.

The sketches performed during the play “Baba Merhaba” were, “Architecture, the Great Disillusion”, “The Hospital”, “Quarter past five”, “Tanker Man”, “Lecturer Şevket in a Tracksuit”, and “Boy Dancers”-. The first sketch, written by club members mostly majoring in architecture, was received with much sympathy from the crowd.

Baba Merhaba tiyatro oyunu

Funds from the play ticket sale to be donated to the Foundation for Children with Leukemia

The president of the Theater Club Mehmet Fatih Güven explained that their principal aim was to provide fun moments for theater lovers; adding that the funds to be obtained from the sale of the play tickets would be donated to the Kemal Saraçoğlu Cancer Foundation for Children With Leukemia, underlining that such projects needed to be supported.

“I did not expect such a professional performance”

Among the spectators of the play was Lecturer with the CIU Faculty of Fine Arts, Assistant ProfAyşe Öztürk. Speaking of the play much appreciated by the spectators, Öztürk said “I did not anticipate such a professional performance from the sketches staged here”. Explaining that most of the students performing the play were students of the Department of Architecture, Dr. Öztürk said “They have very well depicted the life of a student in every sketch. I particularly observed that students were entirely able to perceive and recognize the Department of Architecture during the performance of the sketch ‘“Architecture, the Great Disillusion”. I congratulate everyone who has contributed to the play”.

Also speaking of the play, Ebru Çapan, a spectator, said “The play was very pleasant and funny. I very much loved this play which was very professionally performed despite being written by amateurs”. Çapan added that as a student she found bits and pieces from her own life during each act of the play.