Bilim Çocuk ve Meraklı Minik Dergileri

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Cyprus International University Departments of Pre-School Teaching and Turkish Language Teaching held an activity under the title “Discovering TÜBİTAK Bilim Çocuk (a children’ magazine with the theme of science) and TÜBİTAK Meraklı Minik (a children’s magazine with the theme of discovery)”.

During the activity, held at the Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, the editor-in-chief for Bilim Çocuk, Zuhal Özer, and the editor-in-chief for Meraklı Minik, Aslı Zülal provided information on the two publications of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

“We aim at inspiring children with science”

Bilim Çocuk is a monthly magazine published on the 15th of each month, aimed at children of 7-15 years of age. The editor-in-chief of the magazine Zuhal Özer defined its principal aim as inspiring a fondness in children for science from early ages on. Özer added that other motivations in publishing the magazine were: raising awareness on children’s potential for contributing to the world of science; inspiring children to research, ask questions, be inquisitive, and read; showing that science is a part of life; augmenting creativity within the domain of science and inspiring innovation.

Bilim Çocuk ve Meraklı Minik Dergileri

Pointing out that Bilim Çocuk magazine covered not only science but also topics such as art and design, Özer said that there were various columns in the magazine aimed at development of children.

Underlining during his speech the importance of parents and the process of education for child development, Zuhal Özer added that children were natural born innovators. Indicating that children within the same age group had differing levels of development, Özer said “Children all have different topics of interest, which is why we make a point of maintaining an interesting and up-to-date character concerning our articles as well as using a language that is easy to read and understand”. Indicating that attention was paid to not influence children adversely, Zuhal Özer pointed out that the articles maintained an adult-to-adult voice.

“Meraklı Minik, the very first pre-school monthly Turkish magazine with a focus on science”

Editor–in-chief of Meraklı Minik, Aslı Zülal said that Meraklı Minik was the first pre-school monthly Turkish magazine with a focus on science, adding that the magazine was aimed at children aged three and older had been published monthly since 2007 .

Bilim Çocuk ve Meraklı Minik Dergileri

Speaking of the contents of the magazine, Zülal said “The magazine is prepared with the view that it will be read under the guidance and support of an adult. A new theme is treated for each issue of the magazine. Photographs and drawings are inset on pages of the magazine which include suggestions of activities and games in an effort to inspire discovery, research, and inquisitiveness in children while satisfying their educational needs”.

Aslı Zülal pointed out that the thematic nature of Meraklı Minik was where it differed from Bilim Çocuk.

At the conclusion of the activity the Vice Dean for the Faculty of Education Prof. Fatoş Silman presented a certificate of appreciation to the editors–in-chief Zuhal Özer and Aslı Zülal of Bilim Çocuk Magazine and Meraklı Minik Magazine respectively.