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Yeni yıl

Students were joined by academic and administrative staff members at Cyprus International University (CIU) to welcome the year 2015 with a range of activities.

Students celebrated the New Year with an event held at the Student Union Center on New Year’s Eve. The next day, CIU personnel got together for a New Year cocktail. Some faculties also held their own New Year celebrations.

Students get together at the New Year party

CIU students who saw in the New Year away from their countries and their families got together at the Student Center where they had a great time during the New Year party. The students enjoyed performances by DJs as well as concerts held until early hours at the square, which was decked out with special lights and decorations. The party in the evening was attended by students who were not fazed by the chill in the air. Lasting around four hours, the party was the venue for a concert by the Pico Band as well as a musical feast where remixes and arrangements of hit songs were played by DJ Motasem, DJ Alex and DJ Bouge for students.

Yeni yıl

Appreciation of those who have worked 15 year with CIU

Academic and administrative staff members of the Cyprus International University got together at the Palm Inn Restaurant on CIU campus with the occasion of a New Year cocktail.

Personnel who have been working with CIU for 15 years or more received certificates of appreciation and carnations at the event, which was attended by Acting Rector Prof. Hikmet Seçim, the Secretary General Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmet Adalıer and the Coordinator for the Rector’s Office Associate Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoglu as well as many academics and administrative staff members.

Yeni yıl

Speaking at the cocktail, Prof. Seçim said “Institutions become everlasting through individuals. Individually and collectively they give life to an institution, they become the veins and the blood within that make it work. It is thus very critical to have tenure by individuals working for an institution, not only for the credibility and security of the institution but also for accumulation of institutional know-how and experience”. Prof. Seçim pointed out that long-term results had been obtained from the undertakings during the past year, adding, “I express my gratitude to our deans, school directors, their assistants, all our lecturers, instructors and personnel for having contributed to our success. I wish all of you a happy new year”.

CIU Engineering Faculty celebrates its MÜDEK accreditation and the New Year

Having earned accreditation from MÜDEK (the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs) for its undergraduate degree programs of Computer Engineering and Electric and Electronics Engineering, following in the tracks of the earlier accreditation for its Civil Engineering undergraduate degree program, the Cyprus International University Faculty of Engineering celebrated its success by serving a cake to the contributors of this success story. The CIU Acting Rector Prof. Seçim, Dean of the Faculty Prof. Tahir Çelik, the Coordinator for the CIU Rector’s Office Associate Prof.. Serkan Abbasoğlu, the Secretary General Associate Prof. Ahmet Adalıer, as well as lecturers and students of the faculty, attended the celebration which was held at the faculty meeting room.


Certificates of appreciation were presented by Prof. Seçim to Prof. Çelik as well as lecturers and students of the CIU Engineering Faculty for their contribution to the accreditation process, in which CIU became the only university in Northern Cyprus to be accredited by MÜDEK.