Matematik ve Bilim ŞenliğiStudents from the Cyprus International University Pre-School Teaching Department in the Faculty of Education held a Mathematics and Science Fair for the students of the Arabahmet Primary School.

Various science and mathematics activities such as tangram, origami, perspective drawing and modeling, discovery through the lens of a microscope, friction and volcano experiments were held at the fair. The event was organized as part of the “Teaching Practice 1” course, which is taken by senior year students in the Pre-School Teaching Department. CIU students gained experience relevant for teaching while Arabahmet students had a fun and educational day at the fair.

During the fair various activities using algebra and geometry were held at mathematics stands by students from the CIU Pre-School Teaching Department. CIU students presented various models to the Arabahmet students before asking them to reproduce the models using tangram figures. Discovering origami at the fair, the Arabahmet students used colored paper to make animal figures such as dogs and cats.

The primary school students also tried their hand at using wooden blocks to construct pre-delineated models before depicting the various resulting models on paper through perspective drawing method. Arabahmet students also solved maths problems through games such as airplane racing, bowling, and surprise numbers.

At the science stands CIU students helped Arabahmet students study various objects such as butterfly wings and onion skins through the lenses of a microscope. It was a great excitement for many Arabahmet students to discover the microscope. Children took part in toy-car races carried out on tracks made of variously textured materials such as pasta, lentils and folio before discussing on which surface lent to more speed and why.

The volcano experiment, devised to study differences in density, was watched by the primary school students in amazement and excitement. The animation based on different states of matter lead to fun moments during the science activities at the fair. Arabahmet students had a fun filled day at the maths and science fair organized with activities through nine different stands.

Observing the activities up close, the CIU Pre-School Teaching Department Head Assistant Prof. Sevilay Atmaca and course lecturer Assistant Prof. Tuba Gökmenoğlu expressed that they were proud of their students. The two CIU lecturers spoke of the senior CIU students from the Department, saying that they were one step closer to performing as teachers having mastered their topic in a completely independent performance, free of support from any experienced teachers or lecturers. Atmaca and Gökmenoğlu defined the most significant outcome of the fair as the awareness of their students’ ability to communicate very well with children as observed during the fair.