Kan Bağışı

A blood donation campaign was held with coordinated efforts of students from the Cyprus International University Department of Industrial Engineering and the Department of Journalism.

CIU students widely participated in the blood drive that was held at the ambulatory blood donation center established temporarily at Block D on CIU Campus by the Ministry of Health affiliated Blood Bank. The blood collected through the blood drive held with combined efforts of the CIU Departments of Journalism and Industrial Engineering will be distributed to various Northern Cypriot health institutions by care of the Blood Bank.

Speaking of the blood drive, Suat Keskin, chemist with the Ministry of Health affiliated Blood Bank said that 20 units of blood had been collected at the event held on CIU campus. Expressing that the event had been very well organized, Keskin thanked to the students at the Cyprus International University.

Participant at the blood drive, CIU student Seher Gamze Tire expressed her joy at having contributed to the event, adding “People should be more sensitive about donating blood”.