Dean of the CIU Faculty of Education, Prof. Fatoş Silman, and Faculty of Education Lecturer Şerife Özbiler co-presented a paper entitled  “The Status of Female Academics in the Northern Cypriot Higher Education Sector: Traditional Roles versus Academic Roles”

Silman and Özbiler presented their work at the 44th Conference of the Internaltional Sociery for Educational Planning, which was sponsored by the George Washington University. The conference was held in Kyrenia at the Acapulco Hotel under the theme of “Educational Planning Reforms in 21st Century Developing Countries”, and was attended by many researchers from the USA and Canada.

Although the conference is usually held in the USA, every third year the conference is held in a different country abroad. North Cyprus was chosen as the venue for this year’s conference, pursuant to undertakings by the Cyprus Foundation for Education Studies.

Prof. Silman and Özbiler said that the aim was to expose the working environment of female academics working in North Cyprus universities. Silman and Özbiler pointed out that they studied the progression of female academic careers on the basis of university types, as well as the questions of the compatibility of the traditional roles of a woman and their role as an academics, and the level of satisfaction among women concerning their current status.

Providing information on the results of their research work, the CIU co-authors pointed out that their study targeted 38 female academics with PhD degrees who were employed by different North Cyprus universities during the academic year 2013-2014. According to the findings of the work presented by Prof. Silman and Özbiler, female lecturers are faced with stress and hardship due to the immense amount of work. Furthermore, female lecturers felt that traditional gender role stereotypes are a factor as to why they are not as productive as their male counterparts.