Nigerian students at Cyprus International University held a meeting under the title #letspraynigeria and aiming to unite the Nigerian students in prayer and meditation regarding the chaos in their home country. The idea for the meeting came from CIU student Kobah Koate.

CIU General Secretary Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Adalier was present at the meeting and said that he acknowledges the initiatives and of the Nigerian students and appreciates their efforts. He called on students to continue to be steadfast in their quest for success and wished them luck.

Another student led the audience in a prayer session and talked about religious differences. He also emphasised the important role of Nigerian Government, and in his prayer he said, ‘God will speak to Goodluck Jonathan,’ the president Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kobah, the originator of the association, said that the idea of the project is to pray not just within the borders of Nigeria, but also to unite Africans throughout the diaspora together. He added, ‘in as much as we have peace where we are staying, we have our families back home and we need them to be safe.’

Kobah continued, ‘we want to share our expression to the nations that we are touched with the ordeal Nigeria is facing. I was encouraged by God to come up with this association, but the present situation of Nigeria is really not encouraging. We need prayer to succeed’.

Reporter: Okechukwu Joseph Ifeanyi