International students from Cyprus International University (CIU) made a Valentine’s Day visit to the Nicosia Home for Children, administered by the Department of Social Services. The expedition was organized by the CIU Student Development and Counselling Center (SDCS) and enabled students gave various presents to the children living at the home.

The presents given by CIU students included clothing, food, hygiene products and toys. Students also bought a cake to the children and sang songs with them. During an enjoyable visit, the bonding between the students and the children of the Nicosia Home made quite a sight.

“CIU is very enthusiastic about Nicosia Home for Children”    

Answering questions from the CIU News Agency during the visit, Fezile Ömürlü, the psychologist for the Nicosia Home for Children, said that the Nicosia Home was very satisfied with the social responsibility project undertakings of CIU and by the visits it organized on public holidays throughout the year.

Praising the students for taking the time to visit the Nicosia Home, Ömürlü added, “today’s visitors are a special crowd and I am sure that our children are happy to see them”.

“We are very pleased with the public support”

Ömürlü stated that 18 children between the ages of 3-16 lived at the Nicosia Home for Children and added that they were very satisfied with the public support. She also noted that socially aware members of the society were contributing financially to the well-being of children residing at the Nicosia Home, as well as by donating food, clothing and school equipment.

Various Amenities and Opportunities Provided

The Nicosia Home for Children is equipped with bedrooms configured for two, a library, a computer room, a playground and a cinema. Fazile Ömürlü also said that the children were often taken on excursions, to theater performances and picnics. She added said that opportunities were given to the children to get to know the culture and history ofCyprusthrough trips to historical sites carried out on Saturdays.