Cyprus International University’s Kazakhstani students celebrated their 22ndIndependence Day in the CIU Student Union. The celebration featured music, videos, dancing  and cake.

The event began with music to liven up the atmosphere followed by opening speeches by the three hosts, Ilya Groshev, Akzhan Adilkhanova and Anna Kolmakova. The hosts welcomed everyone to the  event in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

The hosts described Kazakhstan as “strong, unique and multinational” because 17 million people live as one family. The added, “we have representatives of more than 154  nationalities – each with its own culture, customs and traditions – but together, this forms our unique culture – the culture of Kazakhstan!”

As the Kazakh National anthem was performed, the students stood with their hands in front of their hearts and sang with pride. The national anthem was followed by a short video.

Later on, various CIU students were given the opportunity to showcase their talents and to highlight Kazakh culture. Among them, Arislambek Medyanov recited a poem, Arnur Shakerov, performed a song in the national language, and Roman Sagitdinov sang a folk song with Arnur Shakerov.

In addition, Sergey Son, Alexandra Velichko, Abai Zhumabayev, Zhanibek Sundetov and Bauyrzhan Yessimgerey treated the audience to dance performance which featured a mixture of songs and dance routines, including the popular song “The Fox” by Ylvis. The performance was illuminated the cellphones of the crowd.

The hosts ended the night by quoting their president Nursultan Nazarbayev: “To be a patriot of your homeland is to bare Kazakhstan in your own heart”. They thanked everyone for coming for the event and the University for its assistance, and cut a cake which had the Kazakhstan national flag on it.

Students from many different nationalities attended the celebration, including South Africa, Ukraine, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Turkmenistan, Cyprus and Turkey.

Some student opinions of the event:

Anna Kolmakova is an Advertising and Public Relations student and one of the hosts of the event: “This was the first time celebrating our independence. Last year unfortunately we didn’t celebrate our independence but this year we decided to take everything into our hands. We held lots of meetings and this is what we organized. In the beginning we had some problems but we sorted them out and everything went great, I hope. Next year we will definitely celebrate again and have an organization committee. This time instead of showing something new to just entertain the audience, we decided to go back to our roots to show our customs, the majority of the songs were national and we held it in three languages which shows how our country is.”