Photo by Eren Şişik

As the new semester got underway, Cyprus International University held a week-long festival to welcome new students to the campus. The purpose of the festival was to build a fun environment for students, new and old, where they could mingle and make new friends.

“Welcome Week 2013” was the first time CIU has held a festival of this kind for new students. During the week the University organized many activities including karaoke, inflatable water sports, an outdoor movie theatre and concerts by a few famous artists as well as upcoming stars. Food stands were also erected opposite the stage so students could get some food and non-alcoholic drinks while enjoying performances.

“Welcome Week 13” commenced after the new students finished the three days of orientation, in which they were taken to many different cities in North Cyprus in order to give them a better understanding of the traditions, culture and way of life in the island.

The festival began with a performance by Fişsiz, a student musical group from CIU. Fişsiz played Turkish pop music as well as traditional Turkish songs. On the second day Ahmet Evan and his band from North Cyprus performed songs by artists like Bob Marley, Tarkan, Kenan Doğulu and Duman. After Ahmet Evan’s performance the night was capped off with students dancing to electronic music played by a DJ.

The day three performers were the Izmir based Orchestra group Izmir Express.  Izmir Express is full of talented young musicians who enthralled the audience with their interesting multi-lingual songs. The songs were in Turkish, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.  In an Interview with a CIU reporter Izmir Express said “This is a good University with a great campus atmosphere. We love Cyprus because Cyprus seems like Izmir.”

The fourth evening started with a student karaoke competition which was judged by the audience. The winner was chosen the amount of applause generated by the audience.  Josh, a CIU student and a talented musical artist, gave concert on stage. Josh has released a music video in his home country, Nigeria, and hopes to be successful in the music industry.

Four famous DJ’s performed on day five of the festival: DJ Privilege, from North Cyprus, got the party started with his set and was followed by world-renowned Dutch DJ Richard Durand.  Durand came to CIU as part of his world tour, entitled ‘In search for sunrise’.  After the Richard Durand performance came Omnia, an upcoming star in the DJing world. Omnia is a talented Ukrainian DJ who has created his own style and has been recognized by world renowned DJs such as Armin Van Beuren and Marcus Schulz. Both Durand and Omnia went to speak and take pictures with the crowd after their performances. DJ Barrisso, another Turkish Cypriot DJ, kept the students dancing till the end of the night.

The final day began with two CIU student DJs, DJ Boougy and Oscar as well as Turkish Cypriot DJ Mr. Joker. They were followed by 2012 ‘Britains Got Talent’ semi-finalists Fish On Percussion.  Fish On Percussion is a three man group who play the drums, saxophone and the Keytar (a mixture between a keyboard and a guitar). Even though the sixth night of the festival was a very cold night, students thoroughly enjoyed the night until it was very late.