Mansoor Khalili sits down for a chat with Ukrainian dance duo The Delicious Ladies, otherwise known as Alina Pash (vocals) and Natalie Lorient (DJ)


Where did you two meet?

Well actually I have been a singer for like 8 years and she has been a DJ for like 6 years. She was alone and I was alone but with some bands. We met each other about one year ago at a concert – she saw me singing and thought ooh the hot girl can do something really good. Afterwards we started to talk and now you see us together.

Who came up with the name ‘Delicious Ladies’?

Delicous Ladies. Yeah, together we just started to think, who are we? We were like, we play really good music but its tasty music, its delicious and we are ladies. We were like, yeah delicious ladies, not bad, we like its sound, it will be this. Everyone was like, yeah it’s good, it’s good.

Why did you choose this kind of music?

This kind of music, actually it’s really cool for now it’s like a trend and it’s cool to be on the stage. We have a lot of festivals now, especially in the summer and we have a lot of clubs now in different countries. They like clubbing, they like to have a party, so it’s a really good way to be more famous and to see much of theworld. This kind of music is cool and fun, it’s happy. You can be happy with this, it’s not sad music.

If you could pick any other kind of music, what would you pick?

If not electriconic music we would play something like Heavy Metal.  Why? Because of the other side of us – we can be ladies, yeah sure definitely, but we can be really, really crazy – as you will see tonight. So on the other side it would be something rock because we a lot of energy and we must let it out.

What is your favorite type of music, who is your favorite artist?

To be honest we don’t have one, two or five best artists. You know in the whole world they have a lot of different styles of music and within the styles they have good artists. We play different styles of music, that’s why we can’t say this artist is good or that artist is good. We are not typical girls, you will see on the stage tonight. We like laughing and having fun, we like it when people smile and are happy – this is the main thing we give the audience.

Who did you listen to when you were growing?

During her childhood Natalie liked to listen to music, that’s why she chose this way. She was always going to parties and just watching the DJ. She’s like wow, this DJ plays and with the music he can do anything with the people – that’s why she started DJing. I became a singer, I don’t know how, I just started to do this. My mother is a teacher of music inUkraineso my mother has a nice voice too. When I was seven years old, I always played games with the mirror like it was a concert, and she saw that from my childhood. After that I just grew up and went into a music academy.

Where have you toured?

We have been playing together for one year, so because of this we have been to different countries likeChina,France,Poland,Italy,Russia, Belarusian,KazakhstanandGeorgia. There have been a lot of places. Just two days ago we were inEgypt- there were cool parties.

Nice, which part of Egypt?

We were inSoho Square, there was a big party there and the next party will be Pacha. They are known all over the world for parties they have inIbizaso it will be there.

Where is your favorite place?

Actually we don’t have a favorite place.

Come on, don’t be political here.

No really, really. All countries are really different, they have different traditions. InCypruswe have friends, we had a really nice day together. InEgyptwe have two very nice friends. In different countries we like to talk to people, not just sitting, you know. It’s very hard to go everywhere and relax and after you need to give all your energy to people and then you have to go on a plane and fly. It’s very hard, really. After talking to so many people, your batteries go low but that’s OK we like to do it, it’s our job. No it’s not our job, it’s our life, its like the style of our life. I really like it, I really like it.

How do you relax?

We don’t relax, never.  We go to our hotel to sleep and after use Facebook – we takes pictures, we do something crazy. We always have energy in our bodies and that’s great.

So no relaxing for you?

Maybe somewhere like Cyprus, you like the sea so you can swim; I like to swim really. Like two years ago I was life guarding in the United States so I can swim and I can help you if you drown so call me.