Fotoğraf: Mete Yasin Usta

CIU’s international student football tournament reached its conclusion with a gripping final between student teams Eagles FC and Turkmenistan. Eagles FC were crowned champions after a very competitive match, beating Turkmenistanin extra time by 6 goals to 2.

The final was closely contested and both teams bought were cheered by crowds of supporters. Turkmenistan took the lead twice during regular time, their second goal coming just two minutes before the full-time whistle, but Eagles FC did not give up and came back to equalise moments before the final whistle.

Both teams had plenty of opportunities to clinch the title during extra time, but Eagles FC were able to convert more of their chances and scored four times to become the new champions.

Eagles FC were runners up last year, and they arrived in this match with their morale very high after comprehensively defeating last year’s champions, Real Madrid FC, by 5 goals to 2. The team was able to shut down Real Madrid FC’s attack and converted their own counters-attacks with great efficiency. All five goals were scored by a single player, Aminu Muhammad Faggae.

Turkmenistan also arrived at the final with their spirits high after dispatching CCF FC with an emphatic score 7-2 scoreline.Turkmenistan scored no fewer than 16 goals in their final three matches, a tally that exceeded that of any other team in the tournament.

This year’s tournament featured teams from many different nationalities, including Nigeria, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey and Zimbabwe. They were split into three groups of three for the qualifying stage, followed by quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches. All matches were officiated by students with different nationalities from the playing teams in order to avoid favouritism.



Eagles FC