John Afoke Theodore-Edevu discusses his experiences as the presenter of the TV show in Cyprus, and offers his advice about balancing university studies and the entertainment industry

How time flies, an aged man once said while recounting his experiences. “Some moments ago it was seconds, but now they have all rolled into years.”

John Afoke Theodore-Edevu

Time, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means “all the years of the past, present and future; point or portion of an occasion or an instance”, while management means “having control of something.” So time management is the ability to coordinate and making wise and prudent use of our time. Procrastination is a natural assassin to our dreams.

Upon arriving Cyprus, like everyone else, I had dreams of being outstanding in all my dealings. I thought of something I could do to make impact on both my school and my country of residence. That was when the idea of starting a TV Show came to play. I resolved to make an English TV Show that will be geared towards chat with foreign nationalities, plus English-speaking Turks and Cypriots, that is designed for the viewing of the general public, especially foreigners. I decided to give them a reason to watch television.

At the beginning it was very challenging due to the language barrier and also due to the need to keep up with my studies, but time management and determination allowed me to get on with the job.

I recorded my first edition of my show on Christmas Day 2012 in Kyrenia. We gave it the title ‘Theodore’s TV Show – Christmas Special Edition’. It was challenging and stressful work at first as my cameraman could not speak English and I can’t speak Turkish.  I thought about all of the challenges that were hanging over after the video recording, but the we finished the show and it was broadcast on Kanal T in the first week of 2013.

Making the show is not a piece of cake as I have to be both in school and my office in order to maintain the balance, but with time I have gotten acquainted to it. Now I’ve been making waves as I have pulled in a crowd of fans to watch my TV Show. You can sample the peak of entertainment by searching for ‘THEODORE’S TV SHOW’ on YouTube – don’t forget to subscribe as well. All these things were made possible because of my background education in Time Management.

I resolve over the years that nothing is free in life, a price must be paid. If you must pass your exam, you must study hard; if you want to be a leader, you must be a reader; if you want to be an Icon, you must put your head to work; if you want to be successful, you must go through stress.

Some time ago someone  sent me an SMS  which read “Life is all about up; get up, grow up, mix up, step up, rise up, nice up, word up, sit up, climb up, never give up but look up to your dreams soar!”

Life is easy to those who believe it is easy. Live your dreams, not your nightmares. Yeppie Boo!

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