CIU students joined to celebrate Turkmen day in events which were organized by Turkmen members of the univeristy and the International Office. In addition to Turkmen students, international and Turkish students joined the activities. Academic and administrative staff, including CIU General Secretary Dr. Ahmet Adalıer, participated in the activities.

Dr. Adalıer stated that there were students from 67 countries within the university and said he was pleased to participate in the event which had been organized for the students.. In addition, Dr. Adalıer expressed his wish for students to continue a successful education at the university.

Turkmen students promoted their country by wearing traditional clothes, performing dances and games specific to their culture, and by reading  poems and singing songs. Traditional Turkmen food was also presented and were highly appreciated by the students.

Aylar Yazguliyeva, who is in her 2nd year in the Department of Business Administration, said, ‘we as  Turkmen students have organized this event to introduce our own culture and traditions to our friends at our university. We introduced our traditional dances to our friends and also we had a lot of fun together. In addition to these events, we have also served our traditional meals of Turkmen rice, Pişme and Samsa’.