Kostyuchenko Anastassiya discusses the importance of a healthy lifestyle and  looks at the fitness  facilities available to students on the CIU campus

Nowadays students face many stressful situations and difficulties, whether it is exams or a busy timetable. When this happens, following a healthy lifestyle while at the same time balancing your studies becomes crucial.

First of all, when a person is doing exercises with his or her brain, their body usually feels tired and weak. So in this case it is very important to return the balance to the body. And fortunately, there is nothing hard about this. Sport, organized daily routine and a good diet have a magical effect on the human organism. And to observe how students attempt to follow healthy lifestyles we don’t need to go far. Our university can be a good example.

At CIU the students are extremely interested in physical fitness and do a lot of things to keep healthy. It’s not only because nowadays having an athletic physique is fashionable. Our students can also give a good example to others, whether they are teenagers or adults. To prove this, it is worth making a visit to the CIU arena to see how many people are participating in sports there.

CIU Arena provides students with all the essential equipment: a fitness hall, pilates facilities, highly-qualified staff, up-to-day training devices, and swimming pool. Professional trainers are always ready to help anyone to make individual training program suited to their weight, age and personal requirements. I asked some people who usually do their training there for their opinions.

Reporter: I see that you often go to the CIU gym, would you mind introducing yourself and answering some questions?

Leonid: Of course, no problem! My name is Leonid and I come from Kazakhstan.

R: I see you training here almost every day. What is your purpose?

L: My main goal is self-development. I am strongly convinced that sport reinforces character. I really believe that sport not only helps you to be physically healthy but also helps in a moral way.

R: Can you tell me what personality traits you improved by keeping healthy lifestyle?

L: I believe I have become more patient, better at concentrating, and harder-working. My grades at university became higher, I started to study much better, and I also became more ambitious and inspired. I think that every day when you go to training something about you improves, and not only in a physical way. Personally I notice how I am changing from day to day and this is what I really like about fitness.

R: But I suppose there are some days when you feel too lazy to go to the gym, or when you are not in the mood. What do you usually do when you feel like this?

L: You know, I often face situations like this. When I feel extremely fed up and tired the only thing I want to do is to run away from everything. In that time something in my mind stops me and I turn to the gym. But the only thing you need is to argue with is yourself. You should always ask yourself, could I do this better tomorrow, could I improve my results. I believe that our organism has unlimited possibilities and you need only desire to be healthy.

I also asked the opinion of a professional on this issue – one of the coaches at the CIU Arena:

R: How would you evaluate the situation of healthy being in our university?

T: I’m always happy to see newcomers here, but I become happier when I see them regularly and they are changing into strong, healthy human beings Going to the gym is only one step for a healthy lifestyle, more can be done more to change your life entirely.

R: And what is your advice for them to go on following a healthy lifestyle?

T: You should follow 5 simple rules: 1. Eat well, 2. Train hard, 3. Live passionately, 4. Sleep well, 6. Repeat.

It is simple to write about something which is not familiar to you, but it is quite another thing when you write about something in which you have your own experiences. I want to share with you my personal story of how I decided to change my life. I always knew that it is very important to follow good daily routine and to do exercise. But frankly I always ignored doing this until I came to study here in Cyprus.

Before this when I was at school I had no time to do pilates, yoga or whatever because my timetable was so tough. I studied for 6 days a week from 8am till 8pm. So I always came home without the any strength to do anything.

But when I entered CIU I found out that I finally had some time for myself! Thus, it wasn’t difficult for me to make up my mind to finally push myself to the gym and organize my life in general. In this case, I should be grateful to my friends who supported me in this situation. They offered to come with me and do training together, and we push each other further to not give up. I should admit it really works! When you have certain people with whom you feel comfortable you can solve any challenge and even get pleasure as a result!

It is also important to follow a routine regularly without any deviation. If you decide for instance to have breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 5pm and then go to the gym, you shouldn’t change it, and with time you will get used to this rhythm. For me particularly in the beginning this was quite difficult, because I got used to go to sleep at midnight, but with such eventful life I thank God if I can go to bed by 10 o’clock!