We asked some of the new international students at Cyprus International University their opinions about life on the Island | REPORTERS: MANSOOR KHALILI – ALBINA GIMRANOVA

ALQUAM A. BWAKILA | Information Systems Engineering | Tanzania

I heard some good things about CIU, like it’s a good place, it’s quiet and not too crowded. I don’t like crowded places. I chose my department because I am interested in computer courses and information systems engineering. It is a course that I cannot get in every university. Cyprus is a new place for me, but I am enjoying life here both in campus and outside. It’s cool.


MELISSA S. MASANGOMAI | Business Administration | Zimbabwe

I chose CIU because it was different. I chose it because of the climate in particular – I heard it was always sunny here so I wanted to be in a warm climate. I have always been good in business, I like business because it’s fun and intriguing. Cyprus International University is a great place the environment is very conducive for students, its workable and very safe especially the country is very safe. I feel free.


JENNET TUGIYEVA | Business Administration | Turkmenistan

The reason I chose CIU is because it has lots of advertisements in every country, a beautiful website with beautiful pictures, and it has a high level of education. It is also an international university. The reason I chose my department is that it is easy to find work as an economist everywhere and if you study business administration you can open any kind of business. Cyprus is a very beautiful place with beautiful nature and an amazing coast. It is easy to study in CIU and everything is available to study here.


EIGEGE ONYAGOCHE  ESTHER | International Relations | Nigeria

I chose CIU because of the environment and because the student teacher relations are very good. It really is a nice environment to study in. I chose International Relations because of the relationships we have with other countries, you get to know about them, you get to be diplomatic about the way you talk and the way you relate with people. You know what you want and you can relate with them at the given point in time. Cyprus as a whole is a very quiet island and Cyprus International University is very conducive for learning.


KSENIYA MAKRICHAYA | Tourism Management | Moldova

I am a freshman at CIU but I already feel like I have spent 10 years here. I love Cyprus and I enjoy every single day. I always measure the places I live in by the degree of happiness I feel – here I am absolutely happy! And that is not just about sunny weather, marvellous seaside and awesome Cypriot cuisine – it is also to do with the new friends whom I would never met if I did not come here.


DARIA SHEVTSOVA | Tourism and Hospitality Management, Masters | Ukraine

I had never been here before and I am very interested in this culture and these people that is why I decided to join this university. I like to communicate with people, I know a couple of languages and I am interested in this culture, so that’s why I chose my department. I like Cyprus because it has many interesting places.


JAHON SULTANOV | International Relations | Uzbekistan

When I first came to Cyprus International University I really liked the new school, the wonderful people and the good environment. I never thought lectures could be that interesting, but the political science and English courses are really fascinating.


MIRA BEKENOVA | Doctorate Student, Business Administration | Kazakhstan

I love Cyprus International University because I believe it is the best way to explore the new world, through a friendly environment and interactive classes. I really feel like I am at my home.  CIU has a great team of competent and focused faculty who care about us, the international students. All of the facilities here are available for students to support their educational potential. I am very thankful to my parents who provided me with such a wonderful opportunity to study here and accomplish my goal – get the world class education in the field I have chosen for my life and career.


MICHAEL PETER | Business Administration | Ethiopia

I was introduced to CIU by my agent, she highly recommended it. So I decided to take the opportunity to grace this amazing island. I have always been interested in business; my parents are also business people so I just might as well continue the line of the family, and I saw this as one of the good business institutions as well, so I said why not? CIU, let me not lie, is a really very good university a lot of diversity, a lot of good people, security is amazing and the friendliness and joy from everyone is overwhelming. And the island itself, I like small places, I like relaxing and studying at the same time and that’s why I picked CIU and Cyprus.


AIDOI SULAIMANOVA |  Journalism | Kyrgyzstan

I chose CIU because it is an international university and very because many other students study here. My department is journalism and my country needs good journalists. I like Cyprus because it is very hot and I like CIU because it is a good university with many professional teachers.


FIRSAUS ISMATULLOEV | Architecture | Tajikistan

I like CIU because there are many people and I have many friends and there are also many good teachers. I chose my department because my country needs architects and I like to draw shapes and some other things. Cyprus is a good place — it is my first time here and it is new to me.


MEHRAS HOJJAT | Graphic Design | Iran

After I chose Cyprus there were a couple of other options but CIU was the best option for me and my friends. It is also a more intentional university compared to the others.  I chose this department because Graphic Design is my family business, but more than that after computer programming this was the first thing I loved. CIU is a good university, I believe it has a good future because many international students come here. Cyprus is a good country, it is calm and different but I like it.