The CIU International Office threw a Christmas party in the student union on the 25th of December consisting of seasonal decorations, staff in Santa costumes, a live DJ, dancing and a specially catered dinner.

International Office staff arranged for the student union to be beautifully decorated and booked a DJ to perform, who helped to get students in the festive spirit with popular music ranging from hip hop, dance, pop and R&B. The DJ played from the start of the event till the end, keeping everyone entertained as they celebrated together.

The special Christmas meal consisted of rice, chicken stew, potato chips, salad and cake. Everything was served by friendly support staff wearing Santa costumes.

After the meal, students left the dining hall and started to dance outside with their friends. The students were from many different nationalities including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Georgia and Egypt.  International students were very happy to that the university remembered them by organizing something on Christmas day.

Aigbe Racheal a student from Nigeria expressed her appreciation for the effort of the university.  “The event is good for a starters and it’s good that the DJ was able to mix up the music a bit from different tribes in order to meet everyone’s needs. I am glad CIU did this and I appreciate the fact that they organized something for us.”

Hager Abdel Samei, an Egyptian student, was happy to have an event to take the students mind off studying for the upcoming final exams. “It is beautiful first of all and I really like how they are getting everyone involved by wearing Santa costumes and stuff”, he said. “They take us all away from the studying mood and help us to have a bit of fun. The food was amazing.”