CIU Community Volunteers Club took to the streets of Nicosia last week in order to spread AIDS and HIV awareness by interacting with people, giving out red ribbons and  distributing informational brochures.

The Community Volunteers Club visited Nicosia’s Büyük Han and Dereboyu street, speaking  to both locals and tourists about the importance of AIDS awareness.

Community Volunteers Club President Aykut Cangüven said that many members of the still lack knowledge about AIDS and therefore it is necessary to draw attention to this issue, even if the club plays a small role in the spread of public awareness.

Cangüven added, “every members of the club decided to participate in this activity. During this semester the club’s activities have also included visits to nursing homes, orphanages and participating in other social projects”

According to club members, the distribution of red ribbons and brochures to different age groups elicited very interesting responses from members of the public. Some noted the shortage of information regarding AIDS, while others shied away from my the subject and others stated the disease was a source of shame.

Citizens were also asked what could be done to further the spread of AIDS awareness. They responded that it would be good to have conferences or seminars about AIDS in schools in universities.

Club President Cangüven said, “people didn’t know about our club and our aims, and thus their reactions are normal. However we are still aiming to gain public support to achieve our goals of making the public more aware of AIDS.”