Jane Chioma Anaekwe finished at the top of her class at the 2012 graduation ceremony. This is her commencement speech.

It is a great honour to stand here before you on a wonderful day like this. It is so surreal, it’s like a dream. One moment you’re a new student, naive, shy and inexperienced dragging your bags to your new dormitory or your new home, and the next moment, four years are gone and you see yourself in a gown and a cap and you’re amazed at how time has passed so quickly.

You look back at passed years and you realize how far you’ve come. So many memories both good and bad and so many lessons learnt. I look back at all these things and I am so glad to have been a part of it all. I would not change one moment even if I was given a chance.

All the experiences, lectures, quizzes, exams, projects, and most importantly the friends and the people all played a part in shaping the person I have become. And now just as you have left a piece of yourselves in me, I would like to leave a few words with you.

And so to the teachers, thank you for your support, time and patience even though sometimes it gets tough and handling students and lectures is not particularly easy. Thank you for the part you played in moulding the students and also for your rules which helped us to be on our toes and to stay active.

To the other staffs of the school the security, the cleaners, the labour workers and the drivers. Thank you for your daily hard work. Although it may go unnoticed, it has played an important part in the school and in the lives of the students.

And to my dear friends… To those that are yet to graduate, I say keep on working hard if we could do it, you can do better, and you will be here one day. And to my friends who are graduating with me tonight, I say congratulations! Tebrikler! You made it.

To all the families here, our thanks and gratitude goes to you all for the support and love you gave to your children. God bless you. And to God I give the highest thanks and glory for strengthening and keeping me to the end of this phase of my life.

With my whole heart and on behalf of all my fellow graduates I want to say I love you all and God bless you. Sizi çok seviyorum. Tanri sizi korusun. Teşekkür ederim. Thank you.