CIU students tested their game playing skills in a highly competitive knockout tournament organised at the university’s information centre. Working in teams, students engaged with each other in the virtual world of multiplayer shooting game Counter-Strike.

Exceeding expectations, more than one hundred students signed up to participate in the event, comprising 24 teams of five players. After five tensely fought rounds, the ‘Turtali 5’ team of Turkish students defeated the ‘Amrony’ team from Turkmenistan to claim bragging rights as CIU’s premier Counter-Strike outfit.

Many of the teams were organized along national lines, with competitors also representing Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Uzbekistan.

The finalists won tickets for a paintball match, allowing them to rematch their skills in a physical environment.

The event was organized by CIU student Ivan Golodniuk using computer facilities in at the university’s information centre. Computers were connected ina LAN network to facilitate multiplayer interactions between several separate computers, and a digital projector allowed spectators to watch events unfold on the large screen.

Counter-Strike is a popular first person multiplayer team shooter and professional tournaments are held in locations all over the world. Teams armed with guns and bombs face off against each other and the last member standing wins for his team.

The success of the event led to discussions of for future CIU video game tournaments, possibly involving the strategy game Defense of the Ancients.

PHOTOGRAPHY: EREN SISIK and Albina Akhmetbayeva