mavi_kk__amlbelThe Cyprus International University Management Information System (MIS) Club recently organized an enjoyable interactive trip to the extraordinary Blue House in Güzelyurt.

Speaking to the CIU News Agency, the MIS Club President and Lecturer Philip Kissi said that the trip to the Blue House was an awesome experience and the club achieved more than was expected, with club members exploiting new places, interacting and having fun at the same time.

“The main purpose of the trip was to have more social interaction activities among the club members and at the same time exposing members to Cyprus extraordinary places”, he added.

Some MIS Club members took the opportunity to throw a coin with their eyes closed and made a wish in the belief that the wish would come to pass if the coin landed head side on the ground.

Philip Kissi also said that the club members also visited the place where the Turkish use to supply Cyprus with water.

The Head of the MIS Department Asst. Prof. Dr Musser Nat said that the club which is open to everyone was created so that students come together and socialize while they share their knowledge.

“When we created this group the main aim was to make all students especially MIS students and IT students to come together in a social environment, share knowledge and do some academic work”, Dr. Nat said.

The club also organise social events, talks and discussions that students know each other and host international seminars inviting speakers across the globe to come and highlight recent topics trending in the MIS field.

Futhermore, the MIS department is planning to host a conference for the MIS Club members and students and student’s research papers that could have published would be presented during the conference.

“We are going to organise a conference and will make MIS students who are going to have their research papers published to present their papers so that they share their knowledge and inspire others”, Dr. Nat added.

By: Tafadzwa Sandi